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What are Notifications?

Notifications are messages that are sent to you either within Moogsoft AIOps or via browser push notifications notifying you of an invitation or assignment.

The number of unread notifications you have received is indicated by the number in the red circle on the top bar. In this example, there are three unread notifications

You can subscribe to receive notifications about invitations to Situations, assignments to Alerts or Situations and critical Situations that have been assigned to your team. 

Clicking the Situation number mentioned in each Notification will open the Situation Rooms for that Situation.

Marking Notifications as Read or Unread

To mark all Notifications as read, click the Notifications icon and click the  check icon at the top of the drop-down menu to mark all as read.

Alternatively, check the  check icons next to each individual Notification to mark them as read one at a time.

A read Notification will appear grayed out as shown in the screenshot below:

Click the check icon again to mark a read Notification as unread again. 

Configuring Notifications

To configure your Notifications, click the Notifications icon on the top bar and then click the Settings cog icon. 

By default the Notifications are configured to 'General' and 'Use System Defaults' which will mean you will receive Notifications of all types.

To change the default settings, uncheck 'Use System Defaults' and check one or more of the other 'Type' options from: 'Invitations', 'Assignments' or 'Critical Situations Assigned to My Team'. Next click Done to continue.

Please note: You must select at least one notification type from the group

For information about how to configure and enable or disable push notifications from your web browser see Push Notifications.

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