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The Collaborate tab is where you can view the latest activity and communicate with members of your team to find resolutions to Situations.

Users can post questions, ideas, general comments and attach files that will appear on the Collaborate news feed in chronological order. 


The Situations listed on the right side of the screen are all of the Situations which are impacting services included in the Team's service filter*. The 'People' panel beneath that lists all Team members who are currently logged into Moogsoft AIOps.

*Please note: A Team's Service Filter can be configured by a User with Administrator rights or higher. This can be found under System Settings > Teams > General

There are several ways to view a Situation from the Collaborate screen. One way is to click on the Situation ID in the Collaborate wall. Alternatively click the View button in the top corner of each panel:

Both of these options will open the Situation Rooms for the Situation.

Creating a Comment

To create a comment in a Team Room, click in the 'Write a comment...' at the top of the screen and start typing.

When you have finished, you can click one of the icons to indicate the type of comment you are posting: 

IconComment Type

General purpose comment



Next click Post to add the comment to the Collaborate wall. Alternatively use the Ctrl+ or ⌘+↵ keyboard shortcut.

To make additional comments in a comment thread, click Add a comment, type your message and press Enter to submit.

You can up vote or down vote comments using the  and  buttons in the top right corner of the primary comment.

Please note: You can only vote on Situation Room comment entries. You cannot vote on your own comments, only on comments made by other Users

Marking a Resolving Step

If a User makes a suggestion that resolves the Situation or its Alerts, then it can be marked as a 'Resolving Step'.

To do this, click the  Resolving Step icon in the top right corner of the comment. This will highlight the comment with a green line:

The Resolving Step icon will subsequently appear on any Similar Situations

Please note: A comment can be deselected as a Resolving Step at any time by clicking on the check icon again

Attaching a File

To add a file such as a screenshot, error message or log file, click Attach File... and select the file from any location on your local machine.

Next create a comment as normal to accompany the attachment and then click Post

The attachment will appear in blue text alongside the file size in brackets.