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The ChatOps feature enables Moogsoft AIOps users to run tools, such as executing utilities on remote hosts, from Collaborate section of a Situation Room. This is useful when collaborating to resolve a Situation.

Tools run by ChatOps include Generic, Alert and Situation Server tools, as well as Alert and Situation tools. These are configured by Administrators under System Settings > Tools.

Please note: Your Administrator will first need to configure both your tools and the ChatOps shortcuts in the System Settings. For more information see ChatOps Shortcuts

Running a ChatOps Tool

To run ChatOps from Collaborate, you will need to start a new entry and type @moog and a drop-down menu of available tools will appear:

Scroll through the tools or start typing to find the required tool. Once you have found the one you want to run, hit Enter or Tab to continue.

If the tool ran successfully, a message will appear in green stating "Tool success" as shown in the screenshot below:


For certain tools, the diagnostic results will appear as a comment under that entry so can be seen by all collaborators and team members.

If the tool did not run successfully, either because it was not configured properly or there was an error, then you can expect a response similar to the following:

If the ChatOps tool was successful at resolving the root cause of the incident, then it should be marking as a Resolving Step. For more information see Resolving Steps.

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