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New Features 

[MOOG-6610] - Bots: Add a function to allow an Event/Alert/Situation to be easily evaluated against a filter

A new evaluateFilter() method is now available for use in lambots and moobots. It allows you to evaluate an Event/Alert/Situation object against a filter, and return true if it matches, false if it doesn't.

For example:

var result = alert.evaluateFilter("description matches 'abc[0-9]'");

Full documentation available here : CEvents API


[MOOG-6036] - my.cnf changes to support PRC

MySQL configuration settings have been updated to support upcoming V6 PRC (Probable Root Cause) functionality. The configuration changes are: 

  • increased max_allowed_packet
  • innodb_log_file_size

[MOOG-6996] - Display errors in Maintenance Window Manager filter components

There are now persistent error messages displayed in the Maintenance Window dialog in the UI if any of the filters are invalid.

[MOOG-7027] - Improve Maintenance Window Manager logging

Improvements have been made to the logging verbosity for key components of the Maintenance Window Manager moolet.

[MOOG-7008] - Maintenance Windows - Sort by start time

Maintenance windows are now sorted in Ascending order (by start time) by default in the UI.


[MOOG-6694] - [UI] Column widths too narrow for some columns

Column widths have been fixed so that text/ordering arrows are displayed correctly.

[MOOG-6836] - Maintenance Window Manager: Will not accept custom_info in the advanced filter 

The advanced filter in the Maintenance Window now accepts custom info fields here is no validation for filters which do use custom_info.

[MOOG-6956] - [Graze] assignSituation and deassignSituation endpoints returns empty JSON object on success

The assignSituation and deassignSituation graze endpoints now return an empty response body when the operation is successful.

[MOOG-6961] - Session timeout not working correctly

An issue which prevented the UI session timeout from working as expected has been fixed. Previously the last_access time for the user session was updated by the websocket every minute. The user will now be logged out when the session reaches the defined timeout.

[MOOG-7017] - [MoogDB] Create maintenance window should return an error message when an invalid recurring period unit is entered

Additional validation has been implemented for the recurring period and the recurring period unit parameters when creating a maintenance window from the MoogDb moobot module.

[MOOG-7021] - moogdb.updateAlert : custom_info is broadcast as a string

An issue which caused the MoogDb updateAlert() function to generate an update where the alert custom_info was sent as a String instead of a Map has been fixed.

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade 6.1.3 Edge - 6.1.4 Edge

Known Issues

Known issues with functionality in this release:

  • [MOOG-4616] - [SERVER] After rotation of the target logfile, the logfile_lam stops reading the target
  • [MOOG-5552] - [UI] Self monitoring tree-view occasional render issue
  • [MOOG-5665] - [UI] Self Monitoring -> Processing Metrics: Cannot distinguish between multiple components of same process type
  • [MOOG-5672] - [SERVER] With Hazelcast enabled, moobot constants cannot use objects as values
  • [MOOG-5741] - [SERVER] Depending on mooms config, moog component "Control" queues spread across Rabbit Cluster on startup - leads to problems if rabbit node (or server) lost
  • [MOOG-5796] - [HA] Not possible to change moogfarmd log level at runtime on passive instance 
  • [MOOG-5891] - [UI] In MSEdge, Situation and Alert view context menu option to Copy Cell(s) and Row(s) does not work
    • Workaround: Use the normal keyboard shortcuts for copying text
  • [MOOG-5979] - [Graze] Inconsistency with sitn_id return parameters (for successful requests)
  • [MOOG-4549] - [Graze] Error messages should refer to the correct field name (for unsuccessful requests)
  • [MOOG-6027] - [HA] The asynchronous Persistence Store operations should guarantee that the passed Object will not be concurrently modified
  • [MOOG-6211] - [UI] Unable to scroll to see full situation merge tree in similar sigs
  • [MOOG-6394] - Situation & Alert Details Dialog - does not allow copy / paste

  • [MOOG-6619] - Maintenance Window Manager: On a window's close, modified alerts are not forwarded to a chained moolet (maint thread)

  • [MOOG-6631] - Maintenance Window Manager: If an active window is modified, alerts affected by that window are removed, but not re-evaluated

  • [MOOG-6738] - AIOps collects data at a specific time in each 24 hour period and this may not reflect the highest number or severity of Situations during that period
  • [MOOG-6824] - is missing call to f_set_crontab_env

    • Workaround: Edit crontab using "crontab -e" and add the following lines at the top of the file:

Release Date


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