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New Features

[MOOG-4740] - Synchronize Teams using LDAP

It is now possible to synchronise teams with LDAP, including synchronising user team data. This can be set up using the new assignTeams config block available in security.conf

Example configuration:

assignTeams :{
    teamMap: {
      "ldap-group-name": "Team name",
      "yet_another_group": "Another team"
    useGroupName : true,
    createNewTeams: false

For more information, see: Security Configuration


[MOOG-6611] - Improve log out action flow for the user

For SAML2-enabled instances the user will now see a confirmation page when they log out or when the session expires.

The new logout page is included in the updated web.conf configuration. Changes to web.conf may be required when updating from an older version of Moogsoft AIOps to enable logout page.

[MOOG-6703] - Optimize Situation Room layout for smaller displays

The layout of Situation Room has been improved by removing some spacing.

[MOOG-6726] - Improve Operator walkthrough for trial instances

The Operator walkthrough was improved with better demo data.

[MOOG-6749] - Allow a country code for phone numbers to be added/updated for a user profile

The phone numbers on user profiles now expect to have a `+` sign followed by country code.

[MOOG-6753] - Improve error reporting and logging for SAML2 configuration

Errors and logging in catalina.out regarding SAML2 configuration is now more informative.

[MOOG-6760] - Make Walkthrough launcher generic so that it's easy to add new Walkthroughs

The onboarding walkthrough, tours and videos can now be managed using WalkMe and no longer require code changes.

[MOOG-6805] - Improve relaunching of guides from Enablement Widget

The Onboarding Guide can now be re-launched from the enablement widget.

[MOOG-6819] - LAM and integrations improvements

  • Zenoss LAM v1.2 - Replaced lastTime with stateChange in Zenoss polling query and update code for get max time and time comparison in milliseconds
  • Splunk LAM v1.1 - Splunk changes for splunklamd, integration and updated configuration and definition file
  • Xcliarity LAM v1.1 - Updated deprecated API for HttpClient version 4.5.2 and updated configuration and definition file
  • Rest Client LAM v1.1 - Modified properties of "outboundEvent", to make it more readable and clear for end user
  • Updated all definition and configuration files for all the LAMs based on Event/Alert best practices and changes after integration testing
  • LAMS-1759: Fix for dynatrace_apm integration in terms of Cookbook configuration, i.e. process_output_of now pointing to MaintenanceWindowManager and changes in manager value matching in trigger_filter. The LAM has been changed to better parse hostname/IPs and provide validation on port numbers
  • LAMS-1024: SSL support has been added for zenoss_lam. The zenoss integration has been changed to correctly process_output_of MaintenanceWindowManager, trigger_filters have been updated for the Cookbooks so that it references the agent column rather than manager
  • MOOG-6819: fluentd_lam is available as an Integration, this is an incoming REST based integration


[MOOG-6202] - Alert and Situation filters shows incorrect numbers on on-live updates

Improvements have been made to the Navigation panel filter metrics to improve their accuracy.

[MOOG-6451] - Team Rooms Situations tab shows all situations on mobile

Team Room Situations tab will now correctly show only Situations relevant to the Team.

[MOOG-6716] - CMooBot preloadExtension for jar does not properly register created modules with CMooBotMgr

Modules created with CMooBotMgr are now properly registered and when CMooBotMgr is shut down, all the loaded modules will be shut down as well.

[MOOG-6740] - moogdb function setCustomInfoValue does not store integer values correctly

Improved the format of stored numbers when set using setCustomInfoValue function.

[MOOG-6745] - Links to specific AIOps pages are not preserved if user is not initially logged in

Attempting to access specific AIOps page while not logged in will now prompt the user to log in and upon successful login they will be navigated to the requested page.

[MOOG-6752] - Dropdown Menu obscured in Dialog box

Dropdown Menus will now display correctly inside a Dialog box, showing all the contents of the menu.

[MOOG-6757] - rest_lam responses concurrency issue

An issue where responding to the sending client in the rest_lam when handling multiple events within a single payload has been fixed, it failed to respond to the sending client in some cases of high concurrency. This bug did not affect events being received into Moogsoft AIOps.

[MOOG-6783] - Integrations command line installer uses /tmp as media cache

Command line utility for installing integration types now uses media folder as configured in servlets.conf, under moogsvr/cache_root.

Upgrade Instructions

V6.1.0_ESR5 - V6.1.1 Edge 

Known Issues

Known issues with functionality in this release:

  • [MOOG-4616] - [SERVER] After rotation of the target logfile, the logfile_lam stops reading the target
  • [MOOG-5552] - [UI] Self monitoring tree-view occasional render issue
  • [MOOG-5665] - [UI] Self Monitoring -> Processing Metrics: Cannot distinguish between multiple components of same process type
  • [MOOG-5672] - [SERVER] With Hazelcast enabled, moobot constants cannot use objects as values
  • [MOOG-5741] - [SERVER] Depending on mooms config, moog component "Control" queues spread across Rabbit Cluster on startup - leads to problems if rabbit node (or server) lost
  • [MOOG-5796] - [HA] Not possible to change moogfarmd log level at runtime on passive instance
  • [MOOG-5891] - [UI] In MSEdge, Situation and Alert view context menu option to Copy Cell(s) and Row(s) does not work
    • Workaround: Use the normal keyboard shortcuts for copying text
  • [MOOG-5979] - [Graze] Inconsistency with sitn_id return parameters (for successful requests)
  • [MOOG-4549] - [Graze] Error messages should refer to the correct field name (for unsuccessful requests)
  • [MOOG-6027] - [HA] The asynchronous Persistence Store operations should guarantee that the passed Object will not be concurrently modified
  • [MOOG-6211] - [UI] Unable to scroll to see full situation merge tree in similar sigs
  • [MOOG-6394] - Situation & Alert Details Dialog - does not allow copy / paste

  • [MOOG-6619] - Maintenance Window Manager: On a window's close, modified alerts are not forwarded to a chained moolet (maint thread)

  • [MOOG-6631] - Maintenance Window Manager: If an active window is modified, alerts affected by that window are removed, but not re-evaluated.

  • [MOOG-6824] - is missing call to f_set_crontab_env

    • Workaround: Edit crontab using "crontab -e" and add the following lines at the top of the file:

Release Date


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