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Service Filter

The Service Filter for Teams drives what Services you see in the summary screen:


Go to System Settings/Teams and modify Service Filter and Situation Filter.


  1. Add two Services - in the example you see 'Database' and 'Web'.
  2. Add a Severity of Critical in the Situation Filter. 

    1. Click the  pencil icon to edit the Situation Filter.

    2. Click Add Clause.


    3. Click the drop-down menu and choose a Category (Severity).

    4. Select  '= Critical' from the two drop-downs.
    5. Click Apply.
    6. Click Done. The Summary Screen will show status for "Database" and "Web" for users in the Team.  Situations which impact "Database" or "Web" and that have a severity of Critical will be automatically assigned to the Team. If a user doesn't have the all_data permission then they won't see Situations outside of Teams they're assigned to.

External Severity

Situations right-click item that set external severity is deprecated. The external severity field and functionality has been removed. 

Journalling Changes:

The SigJournal moogfarmd event type has been renamed to sigAction

sig_journal table has NOT been renamed

The Journalling.js moobot has been removed

moogdb function moveSituationToQueue no longer supports journal entry argument. New arguments: moveSituationToQueue(sig_id, "userName", "queueName");

moogdb function createJournalThreadEntry() has been removed

moogdb function getJournalDetails() has been renamed to getActionDetails()

Browser Clear Cache

No need to clear browser cache when upgrading Moogsoft AIOps. Previously this was required to ensure the web application worked correctly.

Custom Info

The Custom Info window that can be accessed by looking at the detail dialogs (Clicking Show Details...) for Events, Alerts and Situations is now read-only.


The ServiceNow integration will now post and listen to a default thread*. This means all posts between ServiceNow and Moogsoft AIOps are now synced.

*Please note: The thread being used by ServiceNow integration can no longer be changed.

Any new ServiceNow posts will appear in Collaborate via the Graze API User as shown in the screenshot below:

See also V6 Differences for server side differences.

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