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Welcome to our documentation portal for Moogsoft AIOps.

This site includes guides for new users, installation and configuration.

A note about Moogsoft AIOps releases and versioning.

What's New?

For the latest Moogsoft AIOps release notes click here...

The key improvements in the latest version can be found here.

Reveal previous Moog-Docs versions by clicking Moog-Docs 6.0.0
(also on the sidebar).



Learn the basics and get to know the key concepts.
Click here...

Load Data

Learn how to connect data sources with Moogsoft AIOps.
Click here...


Learn how to configure the Moogsoft AIOps system.
Click here...


Learn how to calibrate the Moogsoft AIOps system.
Click here...

Common Topics

Click the links for the most common topics our users search for:

Glossary | Situations |  Situation Workflow | Team Rooms 
Situation Rooms | Advanced Filter Query Syntax

Need Some Help?

Visit our community forum, The Herd, sign up at the Moogsoft University, or use the search bar below:

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