Updates for Moogsoft Enterprise v8.0

Moogsoft has issued the following updates to Moogsoft Enterprise v8.0. All updates are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.

Contact Moogsoft support for instructions for applying an update.

Moogsoft Enterprise v8.0.0.4

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG:16964: Fixes an issue so that alerts are not assigned or acknowledged when they are in Situations with no user assigned and propagation enabled.

  • MOOG-16990: Prevents logging multiple entries in catalina.out when a Situation has more than one primary team.

  • MOOG-17006: Fixes an issue where logging in to the base server URL on a new tab resulted in a blank page.

  • MOOG-17008: Upgrades the Percona database to version 5.7.29.

  • MOOG-17009: Updates the moog_snapshots_online_table_change.sh and moog_historic_post_migration.sh scripts so they use the correct socket file when connecting to the database in tarball deployments.

  • MOOG-17010: Ensures users are presented with a relevant validation error message when attempting to perform getSituationWithFlag or setSituationWithFlag Graze API operations on Situations in the historic database.

  • MOOG-17011: Improves the moog_db_validator utility so it identifies valid differences (such as custom_info columns) and those indicating potentially serious issues in the schema (such as missing tables).

  • MOOG-17012: Increases the reliability of downloading dependency packages using the install_percona_nodes_tarball.sh script.

  • MOOG-17013: Fixes an issue with the install_percona_nodes_tarball.sh so that it now logs all expected output to its log file.

  • MOOG-17014: Updates moog_db_validator.sh so that it does not run when the script cannot connect to the MySQL database.

  • MOOG-17015: Updates moog_init_mooms.sh to account for a longer RabbitMQ start time.

  • MOOG-17016: Ensures that the install_percona_nodes_tarball.sh script checks that the required 'nc' package is available before continuing.

  • MOOG-17017: Adds the primary_team_id field to all Situation objects as they are processed by Moobots for consistency and reporting purposes.

  • MOOG-17018: Adds the option to clear the historic database using moog_init_db.sh , giving it clearing functionality similar to MoogDb and MoogReference. The new parameter ${MOOGSOFT_HOME}/bin/utils/moog_init_db.sh -s facilitates this new option. Use this feature with extreme caution. This option must not be used in production environments.

  • MOOG-17019: Ensures that the moog-proxies.conf file is no longer copied into the Nginx config directory when moog_init_ui.sh runs, eliminating potential confusion caused by two conf files in the same directory (for non-RPM deployments only).

  • MOOG-17020: Removes warnings about stale messages from the Apache-Tomcat log file.

  • MOOG-17021: Updates the moog_init.sh script so it now adds the MOOGSOFT_HOME environment variable when the process_keepalive.sh non-root cronjob is configured.

  • MOOG-17022: Adds timestamps to echo lines in the Historic Database Post Migration Utility (moog_historic_post_migration.sh) output.

  • MOOG-17024: Fixes an issue where a user with the Grazer role was able to log in using SAML authentication.

  • MOOG-17025: Fixes an issue so the Workflow Engine persists and restores any Context data during failover.

  • MOOG-17026: Changes the default Apache Tomcat maximum memory pool size (Xmx) from 2 Gb to 4 Gb.

  • MOOG-17027: Fixes an issue where it was possible to select an invalid timezone for a maintenance window, causing an "unknown time-zone exception" error in the Moogfarmd and Apache-Tomcat logs.

  • MOOG-17028: Fixes an issue where it was possible to update the default Cookbook through the UI but not through the Graze API updateCookbook call.

  • MOOG-17029: Enhances error handling by logging the thread/database pool dump when all resources in the thread/database pool are busy.

  • MOOG-17030: Updates the Alert Entropy UI to only allow incremental runs, and includes a new default schedule (a daily incremental run at 03:00 with a one day "readage" and a three week "keepage").

  • INT-6261: Ensures all LAMs support the loadMib("") method.

  • INT-6262: Updates the Nagios LAM UI instructions and documentation around using special characters in text fields.

Moogsoft Enterprise v8.0.0.3

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-16697: Fixes an issue where custom Situation columns were blank in exported files.

  • MOOG-16731: Fixes an issue where it was possible to assign, acknowledge, and resolve Superseded and Dormant Situations.

  • MOOG-16750: Adds additional default logging reporting for Tomcat current memory usage, viewable incatalina.out.

  • MOOG-16762: Reduces moog_archiver memory and CPU usage during export and removal, and shortens the time required for exports.

  • MOOG-16851: Fixes an issue ensuring that SigAction.details messages and calls to the moogdb.getSituation() method return the right custom info after calls to the Graze endpoint addSituationCustomInfo.

  • MOOG-16852: Fixes an issue where topologies were blocked from filling the entire viewable area in full screen mode.

  • MOOG-16879: Fixes an issue where Situation Manager failed to label some Situations due to SigAction message objects changing type prior to Workflow Engine processing.

  • INT-6208: Fixes an issue with Cherwell bidirectional workflows caused by the name change from "AIOps" to "Enterprise."

  • INT-6239: Removes an unnecessary text file from aiops-puppet-module.zip.

Moogsoft Enterprise v8.0.0.2

The update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-16568: Added primary_team_id in graze response of getSituationsDetails.

  • MOOG-16348: The UI timezones used by the UI and server-side components are now consistent.

  • MOOG-16512: Displays the correct alert count for custom filters in the side menu when you make changes that affect the alert count in the alert grid. For example closing alerts.

  • INT-6120: Fixes an issue where events remained in the remote RabbbitMQ after failover of the RabbitMQ LAM.

  • INT-6183: Fixes the concurrency issue when using constants.get() and constant.reload() in Moobots.

  • MOOG-16364: You can configure the splitter to remove process logs that are older than configured log retention period.

  • MOOG-16683: Dropped stored procedures and tables created in that are no longer used.

  • MOOG-16685: Client tool prompts no longer list internal variables.

  • MOOG-16686: Fixes an issue in the 7.3.0 upgrade script affecting cloud customers.

  • MOOG-16705: Upgrades Nginx version to 1.18.

Moogsoft Enterprise v8.0.0.1

The update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-16149: Updates Apache Tomcat to v9.0.35.

  • MOOG-16283: Adds an event code for API alert modification. A new event code is now added for any API alert modification using updateAlert and updateClosedAlert that does not impact the severity of an alert. Events with this code are filtered out of the UI timeline.

  • MOOG-16286: Removing all services and teams from a Situation now updates the Situation Room correctly.

  • MOOG-16354: A new MoogDb V2 method resolveAlerts can be used to resolve alerts. It accepts an array of alerts IDs and optional thread entry comment and returns true for a successful request and false for an unsuccessful request. See resolveAlerts for more information.

  • MOOG-16432: Resolves an issue with the exit handler in the remove_aged_snapshots database splitter stored procedure.

  • MOOG-16462: In SigAction driven workflows, blended objects containing attributes from two source objects now work correctly with the delay action.

  • INT-5766: The AWS SNS integration no longer generates different signatures for the same alerts.

  • INT-6068: Resolves an issue that caused Broker JWT tokens to be invalid for several hours if created by a Controller with a system timezone before UTC, for example EDT or UTC -4.

  • INT-6076: Resolves an error that prevented the RabbitMQ LAM from consuming events.

Workflow Engine updates

For information on releases of the Workflow Engine, see Moogsoft Enterprise Add-ons.