2.3.5 Add-Ons

The 2.3.5 Add-Ons release includes the following enhancements. To install this release, download the following archive: https://speedy.moogsoft.com/contrib/Moogsoft-Addons-2.3.5.tar.gz and follow the instructions to Install Add-ons.

2.3.5 Improvements

The 2.3.5 Add-Ons release includes the following bug fixes and enhancements.


Release Note


Removed a duplicated function (uniqObjectsArray) from BotUtility.


Fixed a bug in which a macro substitution using the $TO_JSON() macro failed if the substituted value contains line breaks (\n, \r\n).


Fixed a customer-reported bug in the sendAlertsToWorkflow action.


Ansible integration: fixed a certificate validation issue an outbound REST requests.


compareFilelds - fixed a coercion issue from string to number.


ServiceNow-Management - Impact and urgency values of 0 incorrectly handled.


The REST export actions (exportViaRest, exportViaRestWithRetry, sendViaRest, sendViaRestWithRetry) now copy any response from the outbound POST request to the workflow context under a “response” key. 

The workflowContext.response key now matches the Content-type for the response (for application/json) or remain as text.

You can use the response data in subsequent actions within the workflow using the standard substitution e.g $(workflowContext.response). 


The workflowContext.response object will only contain the response from the last request made. Where a sweep up filter is being used the response will be from the last request made from the swept up object, the response is not maintained for each entity in the targets list.


sendMooletInform action: the subject parameter is now optional.


PATCH requests are no longer supported in REST endpoints.


Enrichment API actions now allow eventless operations.

The following existing actions have all been updated to work without an event in an alert-Inform-based Workflow Engine:

In all other respects, the actions behave the same but can take their data from the workflow context without requiring an event.


Fixed an issue in which the Ansible integration could not process incoming requests due to case-sensitivity issues in content-type headers.

New integration: Retry Queues

The Retry Queues integration lets you configure Retry Queues used by specific workflow engine functions, notably exportViaRestWithRetry and exportToMoc. The standard exportViaRest and sendViaRest functions do not attempt to retry a failed REST request. These actions log the failure, but take no further action. Where an outbound request needs to be retried on failure, then a you should use a retry queue and a retrying function.

See Retry Queues Integration.

New workflow actions

This release includes the following new Workflow Actions: