Workflow Engine Labs

In these labs, you will:

  • Gain hands-on experience with the Workflow Engine and learn some of its features.

  • Use the Workflow Engine to customize events and alerts and change the routing of alerts.


To complete these labs successfully, you should:

  • Be familiar with IT service management and Moogsoft AIOps operations and administration.

  • Have some familiarity with regular expression and JSON syntax.

Lab Scenario

You are preparing to connect the output of a hardware monitor to Moogsoft AIOps. The system monitors the health of about 200 PCs in your organization's Seattle and San Jose offices. It reports on CPU activity, temperature, fan status, and disk space every five seconds. Your task is to use a data extract from the monitoring system to test event and alert generation.

Getting Started

If you are a Moogsoft customer or partner, you can request a virtual lab instance that is pre-provisioned with the datasets you need to do this lab.

  1. Request a lab instance. Note that it may take up to two business days to receive your instance.

  2. When you receive the email with details about your lab instance, navigate to the URL provided.

  3. Click through any security warnings and log in with the username admin and the password admin. (If you can't click through the security screens, try using a different browser.)

About the Labs

Here is what you need to know to complete the Workflow Engine labs.

  • You won’t need to ssh into your instance for these labs. You can do all the work through the user interface.

  • Practice sending sample data into Moogsoft AIOps with the Mini Lab first. After that you can do the labs in any order.

  • Even though you can do the Workflow Engine labs in any order, they are cumulative in their effect. When you have completed them all, send the 'All' dataset into your lab instance to verify that your workflows from all the labs are working together successfully. Send a screenshot to showing your lab instance URL and your Open Situations view to receive a Proof of Completion.

  • Click on these links to go to each lab:




    Mini Lab

    Practice sending lab data into Moogsoft AIOps


    Filter Events

    Reduce noise and improve performance by stopping processing of 'Clear' events


    Parse Hostnames

    Extract location information from hostnames


    Normalize Data

    Clean up location information to make it consistent


    Escalate AlertsTry It Yourself: Escalate Alerts

    Increase the severity of the most important alerts and route them for special processing


  • If you have trouble completing the labs, you can reach out to for help.