Mini Lab: Send Event Data into Moogsoft AIOps

In this lab, you will:

  • Practice sending sample event data into your Moogsoft AIOps lab instance.

  • Reset your instance by closing the resulting alerts and Situations.

Lab Steps

We have provided sample datasets for hands-on labs so that you can verify that your Moogsoft AIOps configuration produces the desired result. If the data is processed as you intended, you will know that you have configured Moogsoft AIOps correctly.

There are various ways to send sample data into Moogsoft AIOps, but for these labs you’ll use a preconfigured ChatOps tool, get_lab_events. The Get Lab Events tool calls a script which sends event data from an Excel spreadsheet into Moogsoft AIOps via the REST LAM.

  1. Generate a Situation so that you can invoke the Get Lab Events ChatOps tool from the Collaborate tab of its Situation Room.

    1. Navigate to the Workbench and go to the Open Situations view.

    2. From the Tools menu in the upper right, choose 'Create Situation'.

    3. Click 'Done' in the dialog box that appears. The screen will change to the Situation Room of your new Situation.

  2. Send sample data into your lab instance.

    1. Go to the Collaborate tab of your new Situation.

    2. Type @moog get_lab_events Lab_Test into the comment box. After a few seconds you should see data flowing in.

    3. Go to the Open Alerts view to inspect the data.

  3. Close the alerts and Situations to prepare your lab instance for the next round of configuration and testing.

    1. Click the selection box at the upper left to select all alerts. You will need to scroll through all of the alerts before the selection box becomes active.

    2. Right click in the alert list. Choose 'Close' and then 'Done'.

    3. Go to the Open Situations view.

    4. Click the selection box to select all the Situations.

    5. Optionally, uncheck your manually created Situation so you can use it to send data into Moogsoft AIOps again.

    6. Right-click in the Situation list. Choose 'Close' and then 'Done.'