Configure ChatOps Shortcuts

The ChatOps feature enables Moogsoft AIOps users to run tools from the Collaborate tab in the Situation Room. For more information, see Take Additional Actions in the Operator Guide.

The ChatOps shortcuts can be set up to give your users quick access to the available tools. To do this, go to System Settings > ChatOps Shortcuts:

Any existing shortcuts are listed under the Tools panel to the right of the window.

Create a ChatOps Shortcut

Click the + Create Shortcut button to get started.

Next enter a name for your new ChatOps shortcut in the Shortcut text box. This is what users enter to run the ChatOps tool.


You can use 0-9, lowercase a-z, dash (-), underscore (_) and period(.) If the name already exists, the name highlights in red in the list on the left and you cannot save until the name is edited to be unique.

Select the checkbox for the tool you want. To search for a tool, type text to the right of the search icon. Default alert and Situation workflow tools, such as ping, nslookup, are available.

Repeat the steps above to create as many shortcuts as required.

Click Save Changes when you are finished.

Remove a ChatOps Shortcut

Select the ChatOps shortcut you want to delete, from the list on the left.

Click the - Remove Shortcut button to remove the shortcut from the list.

If you accidentally remove the wrong shortcut, you can click Revert Changes to undo this. This discards all changes since the last save.