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Workflow Engine Functions Reference

Labs Feature

This feature is an Early Access Feature. An administrator can enable it at Settings > Labs > Configure > Early Access Features.

This is a function reference for Workflow Engine actions in Moogsoft AIOps.


Forwards objects to the destination Moolet.

moolet: String. The destination Moolet.


Sets the value of the class field to a constant for an object.

class: String. The value for the class.


Checks for the existence of all the elements of an array in the value of a field in the object. A superset is valid as long as all values are present. For example, ['a', 'b','c'] satisfies the values ['a'] or ['a', 'c'].

field: String. The name of the object field.

values: Array. The required values for the field.


Matches a regular expression against a field and uses a map to replace the value of a destination field with the result. If you use multiple subgroups for the regular expression, you can match each one to a different object.

expression: String. The regular expression to apply to the field.

field: String. The source field of the object. For example description.

map: JSON. A map of the destination fields to the regular expression subgroup expressed as $extract.n where n is the number of the subgroup. For example {"source": "$extract.1", "custominfo.region":"$extract.2"}.


Sets the value for a new or existing key in custom_info to a JSON object. Keys can be complex.

value: JSON. The JSON you want to assign to the key in custom_info.

key: String. The destination key in custom_info.


Sets the description field for the object to a static value.

description: String. The description value.


Sets the type field for the object to a static value.

type: String. The type value.