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REST LAM sends response messages in the form of a JSON object. The response indicates how many events in the message were cached, processed and received.

The REST LAM uses the following standard HTTP return codes to indicate the status of a message. The JSON response object contains the status code and message.

200 Ok

REST LAM received and accepted the message. This is not an indication that LAM or LAMbot has property processed the event. Standard LAM log file response messages are issued for error conditions.

202 Accepted

The content was accepted but processing is not guaranteed.

400 Bad Request

REST LAM rejected the request due to an invalid request body.

401 Unauthorized

The REST LAM configuration file contains an authorization token but there is no matching authorization token in the message header.

405 Method Not Allowed

The request used an unsupported method. Supported methods are POST, PUT and GET.

415 Unsupported Media Type

The request used an unsupported media type. JSON, XML and YAML are supported in the Content-Type header.

500 Internal Server Error

An unknown error occurred during processing.

503 Service Unavailable

REST LAM is passive and not accepting requests. In the event of an error, REST LAM provides the following REST response codes indicating the status of the request:

1000 General Error

The request could not proceed and failed in a way that was unexpected.

3001 Security Authentication Error

There was a failure in basic authorization or the body authorization token check failed.

3004 JWT Authentication Error

The received JSON Web Token did not match the configuration.

4000 General Method Error

There was an error with the method.

4001 Method Not Supported

The HTTP method is not supported.

5001 Content Not Supported

The content type is not supported.

5002 Content Decoding Error

The content could not be decoded.

5003 Content Cached

The content was accepted and cached. Processing is not guaranteed.

5004 Passive Instance

REST LAM is passive and not accepting requests.