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Implement Generic Server Tools

Generic server tools in Moogsoft AIOps are tools that allow a user to execute a utility on a remote host.

These tools specify a command that is run using ToolRunner, which is configured to connect to the remote host. The command can be anything that is executable from the Linux command line. For example a ping or cat or a custom bash script. See Configure Tool Runner for more information.

In Moogsoft AIOps, the generic server tools managed here are available from Situation Room ChatOps feature. See Take Additional Actions for details.

The steps below describe how to create a generic server tool and its command. Any arguments required are defined by the user when the tool is run.

Create a new generic server tool

To create a new generic server tool:

  1. Click Generic Server Tools in the Tools section of the Settings tab.

  2. Click + to create a new tool.

  3. Fill in the available fields to define the tool:





    String (Required)

    Name for the generic server tool (up to 100 characters). This appears in ChatOps when accessing the tool.



    Text description of the generic server tool.



    The file path of the command. This command must be an accessible path on the host system. The host system and access information is defined in the Tool Runner servlet.

    Run For

    Boolean +String

    Select a duration in with the spin box (minimum of 5 seconds). This sets how long to allow the tool to run for before it is stopped. If no time is set, the tool runs until it completes (or indefinitely).

  4. Click Save Changes to add the tool to the list of generic server tools in the left hand pane.


A generic server tool with the following command runs the script which is located on the remote host at the path /home/moog/bin, using remote host access information defined in the ToolRunner servlet: