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Create Shared Alert and Situation Filters

You can use filters to configure which alerts and Situations you want to access and display from the Moogsoft AIOps Workbench. As an Administrator, you can create, edit and delete global filters for all users, and team filters for selected teams. If you share a filter with a specific team, only the users in the team can access the filter in the filter list.

Individual users can create personal filters for alerts or Situations. Only the creator can see personal filters.

Navigate to System Settings > Filters and either Alert Filters or Situation Filters to open the configuration window.

Create a Filter
  • Click the + icon to create a new filter.

  • Fill in the available fields to configure the filter:





    String (Mandatory)

    The name of the new filter (up to a maximum of 100 characters).



    The text description of the filter.

    Show in



    Select whether the filter is shown in Navigation and/or Dashboards.

  • Click Add Clause to start building the filter.

  • Click the drop-down menu arrow and select a parameter.

  • Click the drop-down menu below this and select an operator.

  • Depending on the parameter selected, enter or select a value in the final box and then click Apply.

  • To add more clauses, click the clause and then click AND, OR or NOT and fill in the boxes as before.

  • Click Save Changes to create the filter.

See Filter Search Data for filter examples.