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Configure a Cookbook

Cookbook is a deterministic clustering algorithm in Moogsoft AIOps that creates Situations defined by the relationships between alerts.

When you add a Cookbook via the UI, you can only configure the visible properties. Cookbook requires at least one active Recipe in order to function and cluster alerts into Situations. See Configure a Cookbook Recipe for more details.

If you want to implement a more complex Cookbook with advanced configuration and additional properties, see Configure a Cookbook Manually. Refer to Cookbook and Recipe Reference to see all available properties.

Before You Begin

Before you set up your Cookbook via the UI, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You have set up the Recipes you want your Cookbook to use. See Configure a Cookbook Recipe for details.

  • Your LAMs or integrations are running and Moogsoft AIOps is receiving events.

  • You have configured the Moolet that is the source of the alerts for the Cookbook. You select the source using the process_output_of property.

Create a Cookbook

To create a new Cookbook from the UI:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab.

  2. Click Cookbooks in the Algorithms section.

  3. Click the + icon to create a new Cookbook. See the Cookbook and Recipe Reference for a full description of all properties. You cannot configure some properties from the UI.

  4. Fill in the properties to name and describe the Cookbook:

    • Name: Name of the Cookbook (required).

    • Description: Text description of the Cookbook.

  5. Configure the Cookbook's input and clustering behaviour:

    • Process Output Of: Defines Moolet source of the alerts for the Cookbook (required).

    • Cluster By: Determines the Cookbook's clustering behavior.

    • Entropy Threshold: Minimum entropy value an alert must have in order for Cookbook to cluster it into a Situation.

    • Cook For: Minimum time period that Cookbook clusters alerts for before the recipe resets and starts a new cluster.

    • Scale By Severity: If checked, Cookbook ignores alerts with a severity of 0 (Clear).

  6. Configure which Recipes the Cookbook uses and when it uses them:

    • First Recipe Match Only: Enables a priority order for Recipes in the Cookbook.

    • Selected Recipes: Determines the Cookbook's clustering behavior.

  7. Click Save Changes to create the Cookbook.

Select a Cookbook

After completing the configuration, you can activate the new Cookbook to run alongside any existing active Cookbooks:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab.

  2. Click Cookbook Selection in the Algorithms section.

  3. Move the new Cookbook to "Active Cookbooks" using the arrow icons.

  4. Click the Merging tab and choose the merging option you want to use:

    • Resultant Situations from active Cookbooks are not to be merged together. Default.

    • Resultant Situations from active Cookbooks are eligible to be merged together if they share a degree of similarity. The similarity is set using the slider.

  5. Click the Advanced tab to configure if you want Moogsoft AIOps to purge closed and superseded Situations from Moogfarmd. Define how often you want the purge to occur in hours and minutes.

  6. Click Save Changes.

Changes to the settings initiate a restart of Moogfarmd and all running Cookbooks.