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You can install the XClarity i ntegration to enable Moogsoft AIOps to collect event data from XClarity. The XClarity integration polls your XClarity system for new data every 10 seconds.

See the XClarity documentation for details on XClarity components.

Before You Begin

The XClarity integration has been validated with XClarity v. 1.2. Before you start to set up your integration, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You have the hostname or IP address of XClarity server.
  • You have the XClarity URI endpoint to fetch events.
  • You have credentials to connect to the XClarity server.
  • The port for your XClarity server is open and accessible from this host.
  • Your XClarity server is able to accept HTTP/HTTPS requests.

Configure the XClarity Integration

You can configure the XClarity integration in Moogsoft AIOps as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.
  2. Click XClarity in the Monitoring section.
  3. Follow the instructions to create an integration name and supply the connection information for the XClarity.

See Configure the XClarity LAM for advanced configuration information.

Configure XClarity

You do not need to perform any integration-specific steps on your XClarity system. After you complete the XClarity integration, Moogsoft AIOps polls XClarity every 10 seconds to collect event data.