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Template Matcher Moolet


Template Matcher was deprecated from the release of Moogsoft AIOps V7.0.0. For more information see Deprecation Notice: Template Matcher .

The Situation Templates enable users to provide feedback to Moogsoft AIOps that indicates the quality of the Situations produced and consequently what AIOps should do if it detects a similar situation in the future.


The TemplateMatcher moolet should be activated in moog_farmd if you wish your system to discover “Priority Templates”.  By default, moog_farmd will always suppress the creation of SPAM templates, regardless of the moolet they are generated by.

There is no special configuration required for the moolet; it is either “on” or “off”.  TemplateMatcher should run after the AlertBuilder or AlertRulesEngine depending upon the system configuration.  The default configuration for the TemplateMatcher is shown below:

name               : "TemplateMatcher",
classname          : "CTemplateMatcher",
run_on_startup     : false,
#process_output_of : "AlertRulesEngine",
process_output_of  : "AlertBuilder",
threads            : 4

Standalone Execution

The TemplateMatcher moolet can be executed in a “stand-alone” mode via the moog_primer/sigaliser utility using the following command:

sigaliser --moolet=TemplateMatcher