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Moogsoft Observe


Moogsoft is currently offering Moogsoft Observe in a limited public Beta. Contact your Moogsoft account representative for more information. See Moogsoft Observe Releases for Observe documentation.

You can integrate Moogsoft AIOps with Moogsoft Observe via two products. Choose your integration process below according to your Moogsoft AIOps and Moogsoft Observe environments:

  • Observe : Moogsoft recommends using this integration if you are using SaaS Moogsoft AIOps. It uses a push mechanism which sends Observe events to Moogsoft AIOps.

  • Observe Polling : The polling method is useful when Moogsoft Observe cannot push events to Moogsoft AIOps due to firewall or security issues. You may need to use this method if your Moogsoft AIOps is installed on-premises.