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Mibparser Command Reference

T his is a reference for parsing MIBs . The mibparser command-line utility accepts the following arguments:

-c, --mib2lam <arg> String <path> Print a JSON file of the trap tree. This file can be used by the Mib2lam utility.
- Display the mibparser utility syntax and option descriptions.
-i, --inputDir <arg> String <path> Full path of the directory containing the unparsed MIB files. Defaults to $MOOGSOFT_HOME/etc/mibs .
-l,--loglevel <arg> WARN | INFO | DEBUG | TRACE
Log level controlling the amount of information that mibparser logs. Defaults to INFO.
-m,--merge <arg> String <path> Path of an existing JSON file you want to import and parse.
-o,--output <arg> String <path> Path for mibparser to export any successfully parsed JSON files.
-p,--print <arg> String <path> File path for mibparser to export a finalized and resolved Object Identifier (OID) tree.
-s,--singleThreaded - Determines whether mibparser parses MIB files using a single thread.
-v,--version - Display the version information for mibparser .