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Mib2lam Command Reference

This is a reference for Mib2lam utility that converts MIBS into LAMbots . The mib2lam command-line utility accepts the following arguments :

-c, --config <arg> String <filename> Filename containing configuration options. Defaults to ../config/mib2lam.conf
--civarbinds[=false] Boolean

Include all variable bindings in custom_info.eventDetails. Defaults to true .

--descrvb Boolean

Include all varbinds in the description. Defaults to true .

--forward Boolean

Checks for SNMP v1 traps to be forwarded as SNMP v2c traps. Defaults to true if SNMP v1 traps are detected.

--generics Boolean Creates a generic function that each trap calls rather than a function per trap. Defaults to false .
-h, --help
- Display the Mib2lam utility syntax and option descriptions.
-l, --loglevel <arg> DEBUG | INFO | WARN | FATAL Log level controlling the amount of information that Mib2lam logs. Defaults to WARN.
--mibfile <arg> String <filepath>

Filename and path for the Mibparser's Mib2lam output. If you do not supply a file path, it uses a /tmp/ location.

--module <arg> String <name> Module name. If not entered, the utility prompts for a name to be entered when it runs.
--oid <arg> Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) or text Start point in the Object Identifier (OID) tree . This is mandatory.
--related Integer <related value>

Returns the related alerts with a certain degree of similarity. The default is 35%.

--severity Integer <severity value>

Calculates the severity of the trap. To do this, Mib2lam finds and uses a suitable severity bearing variable binding.


- Displays the configuration and any defaults.
--similarity Integer <similarity value>

Sets the similarity value between 0 and 100 between two traps for them to be considered related. The default is 35%.

--traps Boolean Enable to generate a file of test traps for each trap. Defaults to false .

For the Boolean arguments, use =false to disable any that are enabled by default. For example, if you did not want to Mib2lam to generate a file of test traps :

./mib2lam --traps=false