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Maintenance Window Manager

The Maintenance Window Manager Moolet compares alerts against active maintenance windows. If the alerts match an active Maintenance Schedule filter, then they are not forwarded onto the next part of the chain. This prevents a Sigaliser Moolet clustering these alerts into Situations.

Configure Maintenance Window Manager

Edit the configuration file at $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moolets/maintenance_window_manager.conf .

Refer to Maintenance Window Manager Reference to see all available properties.

Example Configuration

The following example demonstrates a simple Maintenance Window Manager configuration :

   name                     : "MaintenanceWindowManager",
   classname                : "CMaintenance",
   run_on_startup           : true,
   metric_path_moolet       : true,
   process_output_of        : "AlertBuilder",
   maintenance_status_field : "maintenance_status",
   maintenance_status_label : "In maintenance",
   update_captured_alerts   : true

Maintenance Windows

You can use the Maintenance Schedule functionality to schedule outages when you do not want new Situations to be created from these alerts. You can configure the Maintenance Manager Moolet to ensure that alerts are not passed along to Sigalisers and clustered into Situations during that time period. You can set up maintenance windows using:

Updating Captured Alerts

In addition to implementing the maintenance windows, the Maintenance Window Manager Moolet updates the following custom_info fields in each alert affected by a maintenance window. Because the Maintenance Window Manager uses these custom_info fields within the alerts, Moobots must not overwrite these custom_info fields or completely empty the custom_info object within alerts.

Field Description
custom_info.maintenance_status Configurable text label. Set to "In maintenance" by default.
custom_info.maintenance_id Numerical ID of the maintenance window that captured the alert.
custom_info.maintenance_name Name of the maintenance window that captured the alert.
custom_info.forward_Alerts Whether the alert is forwarded to Sigalisers or not. Set to false by default.