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Housekeeper Moolet

The Housekeeper Moolet performs the periodic background tasks required for the Auto Close feature and for the moving of data to the historic database. Refer to the Configure Historic Data Retention document and the Historic Data Utility Command Reference for information on configuring the retention of historic data.

The Housekeeper Moolet is also responsible for gathering statistics from the system, for example Team Insights.

To verify the Housekeeper Moolet is running, use the following command:

ha_cntl -v

Configure Housekeeper

You can define the behavior of the Housekeeper Moolet by editing the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moolets/housekeeper.conf configuration file.

Housekeeper Parameters


Determines whether Housekeeper runs when Moogsoft AIOps starts. If enabled, Housekeeper performs its background tasks from the moment the system starts, without you having to configure or start it manually.

Type : Boolean
Default : true


Determines whether Housekeeper is factored into the event processing metric for Self Monitoring or not. See Moogfarmd for more information.

Type : Boolean
Default : false


Determines whether the Housekeeper can listen for events generated by other Moolets within the same moogfarmd instance without being in a processing chain.

Type : Boolean
Default : true

The default Housekeeper parameters are as follows:

	name              	: "Housekeeper",
	classname         	: "com.moogsoft.farmd.moolet.housekeeper.CHousekeeper",
 	run_on_startup    	: true,
 	metric_path_moolet	: false,
 	standalone_moolet 	: true


name and classname are hardcoded and should not be changed.