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Creating Incident Rule in Dynatrace APM

Creating an Incident Rule

An incident rule in Dynatrace is a mapping between threshold violations of measures and the actions taken. Incident rules can be based on multiple measures and different severity levels of threshold violations to trigger notifications.

To create an Incident Rule in Dynatrace AppMon proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Dynatrace AppMon client. In the dashboard right click a profile and select Edit System Profile .


    If no profile is available, then create a new profile first

  2. Select Incidents in the System Profile Preferences dialog, then click on Create Incident Rule .

  3. Enter the name and description of incident rule, then select a severity for the incident from the Incident Severity dropdown, and click on Add button


    The Evaluation Timeframe is used to evaluate if the defined conditions have been met in the selected timeframe. The Evaluation Timeframe can be chosen from the dropdown as per the requirement

  4. Select the required measure from the Add Measure dialog and click on Edit .


    The measures defined in the above dialog is a parameter for evaluating its operating conditions. E.g. selecting System Monitoring > Host performance > CPU Total Time will include a parameter CPU Total Time which provides a percentage of total time the CPU was in use

  5. Set the required threshold limits which will raise an incident, once the threshold is breached. Click on Ok , then click on Add


    An incident with severity Warning or Severe is raised according to the breached threshold

  6. Click on Create in the Create Incident Rule dialog

The Incident Rule is created, and the incidents are raised once the limits set in the incident rule are breached.