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Configure a ServiceNow MID Server

Before you can configure ServiceNow you must set up a ServiceNow MID server on your Moogsoft AIOps machine or on a Linux machine that is accessible from Moogsoft AIOps. The MID server receives updates from ServiceNow and forwards them to Moog so ft AIOps using the Graze API.

Refer to the ServiceNow documentation for more details.

Follow these steps to configure a ServiceNow MID server for Moogsoft AIOps:

  1. Inside ServiceNow, locate the URL for the 64-bit MID server package for Linux.
  2. Download the 64-bit MID server Linux package to your Moogsoft AIOps machine or to a machine accessible from Moogsoft AIOps.
  3. Create the following directory for the MID server:

    mkdir -p /usr/local/servicenow/moog_mid_server
  4. Unzip the MID server package to the MID server directory. For example :

    sudo unzip <mid server package>.zip -d /usr/local/servicenow/moog_mid_server
  5. If you are configuring the MID server on the same machine as Moogsoft AIOps, make the Tool Runner user the owner of the MID server directory. For example:

    chown -R moogtoolrunner:moogsoft /usr/local/servicenow/moog_mid_server

    See Configure the Tool Runner to verify the user for Tool Runner.

When you set u p the ServiceNow integration in Moogsoft AIOps, it automatically starts the MID server.