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Configure SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications is an Alpha feature.

Moogsoft AIOps for Mobile uses a cloud-based notification service that allows SMS messages to be sent by its REST API.

Any requests to the notification service's REST API require authentication. For HTTP basic authentication, the username is set to your AccountSid and the password is set to your AuthToken. See step 2 in the configuration instructions below.

Sent text messages are limited to 1600 characters in length. Any messages longer than this will be truncated.


Follow these steps to configure the mobile version of Moogsoft AIOps to send and receive SMS messages:

  1. In the Moogsoft AIOps UI, navigate to System Settings > Users . Add phone numbers for all users that will receive SMS messages.


    All phone numbers must include the international country code in E.164 format. For example +1, +44, +61.

  2. Contact Moogsoft Support or your Moogsoft Sales Engineer to enable SMS. You will be provided with an account session ID, authentication token and a phone number.
  3. Open a terminal session to your Moogsoft AIOps server and edit the file $MOOGSOFTHOME/config/system.conf . Add your details to this file in the following format:

    	"account_sid" 		: "AB1234c6d91dfe4eef9b3899dkrw34aabbab2b",
        "auth_token" 		: "4eee23d50de54333f6949366fe0882a4",
        "phone_number" 		: "+12345678910",
        "character_limit" 	: 1600
  4. Restart Apache Tomcat to activate the changes. See Control Moogsoft AIOps Processes for details.

By default you will receive SMS notifications about all invitations and assignments. This cannot be changed at present.