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Teams Manager Moolet

The Teams Manager Moolet is triggered by Moogsoft AIOps when a Situation is created, updated and deleted, and also when a team is created and updated . You can assign teams to Situations using the filters in the UI under Settings > Teams > General . If there are no filters for a team, it is assigned all new Situations by default.

If you use the "assignTeamsToSituation" Graze API endpoint or MoogDb method to assign teams to a Situation, Moogsoft AIOps marks the Situation as overridden. T he Teams Manager Moolet can no longer act on it even if that Situation matches a filter.

You can alter the behavior of the Teams Manager Moolet by changing the "Situation Update Policy" in the UI under Settings > Teams .

One Teams Manager Moolet is run for every instance of Moogsoft AIOps.

Configure Teams Manager

The Teams Manager Moolet configuration is defined in the "TeamsMgr" block of $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moog_farmd.conf .

Teams Manager Properties

The properties that relate to the Teams Manager Moolet are:

run_on_startup : Determines whether Teams Manager runs when Moogsoft AIOps starts. If you en able it , Teams Manager processes Moolet output from the moment the system starts, without you having to configure or start it manually.

Type : Boolean
Default : true

persist_state : Enables Team Manager to save its state for High Availability systems so if a failover occurs, the second moogfarmd can continue from the same point.

Type : Boolean
Default : false

metric_path_moolet : Determines whether Moogsoft AIOps factor Teams Manager into the Event Processing metric for Self Monitoring or not.

Type : Boolean
Default : false

moobot : JavaScript program that controls and customizes the behavior of Teams Manager.

Type : String
Default : "TeamsMgr.js"

The default Teams Manager configuration is :

name				: "TeamsMgr",
classname         	: "CTeamsMgr",
run_on_startup    	: true,
persist_state     	: false,
metric_path_moolet	: false,
moobot            	: "TeamsMgr.js",
# Specifies the list of all the moolet that can change
# or create situations. Remove this section if the
# TeamsMgr is running in its own instance.
process_output_of 	: [
	"Default Cookbook",


name and classname are hardcoded and should not be changed.

Output Parameters

These parameters control the output the Moolet processes :

process_output_of : T he Moolets that perform actions that trigger the Teams Manager:

Type : Array
Valid Moolets: Sigaliser, TemplateMatcher, Speedbird, Cookbook, Default Cookbook, Nexus, SituationMgr
Default : [ "Sigaliser", "TemplateMatcher", "Speedbird", "Cookbook", "Default Cookbook", "Nexus", "SituationMgr" ]