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Situation Manager

Situation Manager listens for Situations being created, updated or closed and passes them to an associated Moobot.

You can determine the origin of the Situations that are processed, which Moobots the Situations are passed to and what functions occur to them.

When the Moobot receives a Situation, it can be configured to perform functions such as data enrichment, auto-assignment to a user or notifying third-party tool to raise a ticket.

Configure the Situation Manager

You can configure the Situation Manager in the moog_farmd.conf file.

The Situation Manager parameters that can be configured are as follows:


Determines whether Situation Manager runs when AIOps is started or not.

Type : Boolean
Default : false


Determines whether Situation Manager is factored into the Event Processing metric for Self Monitoring or not.

Type : Boolean
Default : false


Specifies a JavaScript file found in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bots/moobots . Examples of available Moobots include SituationMgr.js, SituationMgrLabeller.js or SituationMgrNetcool.js. These can be customized to meet your needs.

Type : String
Default : "SituationMgr.js"


When set to true, listens to messages sent on the sigs topic by any moolet running on a different farmd instance. This option directly replaces standalone, which is now deprecated but preserved for backwards-compatibility.

Type : Boolean
Default : true


Determines which algorithms Situation Manager processes the output of. This might be a single Sigaliser algorithm or multiple algorithms.

Type : List
Default : "Sigaliser", "TemplateMatcher", "Speedbird", "Default Cookbook".

An example Situation Manager configuration is as follows:

 name: "SituationMgr",
 classname: "CSituationMgr",
 run_on_startup: true,
 metric_path_moolet: true,
 moobot: "SituationMgr.js",
 mooms_event_handler: true,
 process_output_of: [


Please note : The classname is hardcoded and should not be changed.

Moobot Configuration

Situation Manager listens for three event types by default:

  • Sig - a new Situation being created.
  • SigClose - a Situation being closed.
  • SigUpdate - a Situation being updated.

If you want to listen for other events, create an Empty Moolet and define the other events under event_handler . The full list of event types refer to the Constants.eventType section.

You can listen for specific Situation actions using the SigAction event. It can filter out the following actions:

Assigned Moderator Situation Resolved
Situation Revived
Situation Closed
Assigned Queue
Created By Merge
Used In Merge
Created By Split
Used For Split
Ran Tool
Acknowledged Situation Moderator
Deacknowledged Situation Moderator
Added Alerts To Situation
Added Entry To Thread
Changed Situation Processes
Changed Situation Services
Created Thread
Agreed With Thread Entry
Commented On Thread Entry
Disagreed With Thread Entry
Changed Situation Custom Info
Described Situation
Excluded User
Invited User
Moved Alerts To Situation
Removed Alerts From Situation
Situation Teams Changes
Marked Thread Entry As Resolving
Unmarked Thread Entry As Resolving
Situation Rating
Situation Rating Removed

There are three Moobots available in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bots/moobots that Situations can be sent to by Situation Manager. These can be customized to meet your requirements:


Situation Manager's default associated Moobot is called SituationManager.js .

For more information on how it can be configured see Moobots .


Another application of the Situation Manager is Situation Manager Labeller.

This can be used to enrich Situations by dynamically adding Alert properties to the Situation description.


This Situation Manager moobot is required for the Legacy Netcool integration.

For more information see Legacy Integration for Netcool .