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Situation Action Codes

The getSituationActions Graze endpoint can retrieve actions that happened on a given Situation.

The table below shows the list of IDs and the matching description for each action:

Event Id Description
1 Situation Created
2 Assigned Moderator
3 Situation Resolved
4 Situation Revived
5 Situation Closed
6 Assigned Queue
7 Created By Merge
8 Used In Merge
9 Created By Split
10 Used For Split
11 Ran Tool
12 Acknowledged Situation Moderator
13 Deacknowledged Situation Moderator
14 Added Alerts To Situation
15 Added Entry To Thread
16 Changed Situation Processes
17 Changed Situation Services
18 Created Thread
19 Agreed With Thread Entry
21 Commented On Thread Entry
22 Disagreed With Thread Entry
23 Changed Situation Custom Info
24 Described Situation
25 Excluded User
26 Invited User
27 Moved Alerts To Situation
28 Removed Alerts From Situation
29 Situation Updated
30 Situation Teams Changes
31 Marked Thread Entry As Resolving
32 Unmarked Thread Entry As Resolving
33 Situation Rated
34 Situation Rating Removed
35 Situation Internal Severity Changed
36 Situation Superseding Others
37 Updated Comment On Thread Entry
38 Updated Entry Of Thread