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Notifier Moolet


The Notifier Moolet enables Moogsoft AIOps to act on invite MooMS Bus messages and optionally send an email.

For example, to send an email when a user is invited to a Situation via the UI, the Notifier Moolet must:

  • Listen to Invite Events
  • Interrogate the Events to identify Situation invitations
  • Filter out Events for Situations we are not interested in notifying
  • Extract relevant information from the Event including the Situation Id and User Id
  • Send an email message containing a customized body to a recipient using the Mailer Moobot module

Moogfarmd Configuration

The Notifier Moolet is designed to take messages off the MooMS bus according to message type. The configuration is as follows:

    name            : "Notifier",
    classname       : "CNotifier",
    run_on_startup  : false,
    metric_path_moolet : false,
    moobot          : "Notifier.js"