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A Moolet is an intelligence module that is used to perform specific services in Moogsoft AIOps. Some Moolets have an accompanying MooBot, a Javascript file that controls or customizes the behavior of a Moolet.

There are four ways in which a Moolet can be triggered by events within Moogfarmd:

Trigger Description
process_output_of the Moolet is told to listen for events from another named Moolet (used to chain Moolets together to form an automated workflow pipeline)
mooms_event_handler the Moolet can now listen for events on the message bus, e.g. actions triggered by a user or within another farmd
standalone_moolet the Moolet can listen for events generated by other Moolets within the same moogfarmd instance without being part of a process_output_of chain
scheduler a unique Moolet type that allows time based task execution

Click the links below for more information about the available Moolets: