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Transitions are user-configurable set of conditions which move an Alert from one State to another within the Alert Rules Engine (ARE).

You can create and configure different transitions in the System Settings.

Creating a new Transition

Click to create a new Transition.

Fill in the fields displayed in the table below:

Field Input Description
Name String
The name of the transition (up to 64 characters).
Description String The description of the transition.
Priority Integer This determines the priority of the transition. This is used if there are multiple transitions. The higher the numerical value, the higher the priority.
Active Boolean If checked this transition will be active. If not this transition is inactive.
First Match Only Boolean If checked this transition will only happen once when the trigger conditions are met.
Trigger Filter


If an Alert matches the parameters defined in this filter then the transition is triggered.
Inclusion Filter Filter If further Alerts, after the initial trigger, meet the parameters defined in the Inclusion filter, then they will also be passed to the End State.
Start State


This determines the Action State of the alerts matched by the Inclusion Filter.


Please note : The Start State and End State must be different

End State Selection

The Action State that alerts are passed into if they match the Inclusion or Trigger Filter.


Please note : The Start State and End State must be different

Click Save Changes to continue. Alternatively, click Revert Changes to undo any changes.

The new Transition will appear on the list to the left.

Deleting a Transition

Select the Transition you want to delete from the list on the left.

Click to delete the Transition. The pop-up confirmation window will appear.

Click Yes to confirm the deletion.