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Template Matcher Moolet

The Situation Templates enable users to provide feedback to Moogsoft AIOps that indicates the quality of the Situations produced and consequently what AIOps should do if it detects a similar situation in the future.


The TemplateMatcher moolet should be activated in moog_farmd if you wish your system to discover “Priority Templates”.  By default, moog_farmd will always suppress the creation of SPAM templates, regardless of the moolet they are generated by.

There is no special configuration required for the moolet; it is either “on” or “off”.  TemplateMatcher should run after the AlertBuilder or AlertRulesEngine depending upon the system configuration.  The default configuration for the TemplateMatcher is shown below:

name               : "TemplateMatcher",
classname          : "CTemplateMatcher",
run_on_startup     : false,
#process_output_of : "AlertRulesEngine",
process_output_of  : "AlertBuilder",
threads            : 4

Standalone Execution

The TemplateMatcher moolet can be executed in a “stand-alone” mode via the moog_primer/sigaliser utility using the following command:

sigaliser --moolet=TemplateMatcher