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Table Portlet

The Table Portlet displays dynamically updated data on Alerts and Situations attributes.

Examples of pre-configured Table Portlets include: Services Impacted Portlet , Top Situation Operator Actions Portlet and Top Situation Moderators by Assignment Portlet .

Table portlets can be configured by an Administrator to stretch vertically, automatically filling the space available.

Portlet Actions

To change the order in which the columns are displayed or to show or hide different columns, click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of a column:

You can select whether to order by ascending or descending and select which columns are visible by checking or unchecking them.

Double-click any row to view the Situations as a list a Situation Filter view.

Examples of Tablet Portlets

Open Alert Distribution/ All Alerts

Impacted Services

Top 10 Situation Operator Actions/Last Day