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Service Access Control

You can configure users' access to different Alerts, Situations and the services they impact using roles and permissions.

By default, all AIOps users have the all_data permission, which grants them access to all Alerts and Situations relating to all services.

This may suit some organizations where the DevOps team is small team monitoring the entire IT network infrastructure. In larger organizations, where operators work in separate teams monitoring different areas of the network, they may only want to see Alerts and Situations impacting services affecting their part of the infrastructure. For example, the database DevOps engineers may only want to see Alerts and Situations which impact the database and database services.


O nly administrators can edit user roles and configure whether the operators see all Alerts and Situations or only those which impact the Services being monitored by their team.

Access Configuration

Go to Settings to configure which Alerts and Situations your users can access:

  1. Navigate to Security > Roles

  2. Select the role you want to change and remove all_data permission f rom the Selected column.

  3. Save the changes and go back to Security > Teams .

  4. Create a new Team, or go to an existing Team, and add your user to it under the Users tab.

  5. Go to the General tab and move the Services you want the Team to monitor under 'Selected' in the Services Filter.


If the Team's Services Filter is left empty then any Service impacted by Situations assigned to your Team will still be displayed in the 'Services Overview' on the Summary Page and under 'Services Impacted' in the left navigation menu. See "Check Impacted Services" in the AIOPs Operator Guide .