Moogsoft Docs

Self Monitoring Portlet

The Self Monitoring Portlet displays dynamically updating icons that indicate the the current health of the Moogsoft AIOps processes.

This is useful for monitoring the overall health and status of your Moogsoft AIOps system.

The status of each component of Moogsoft AIOps listed in the Portlet is indicated by icons on the right of the window:



At least one unreserved (non mandatory) process not running. These are not all expected to be running

All processes running normally

At least one reserved process has missed some heartbeats. This could indicate a potential problem and ought to be investigated

At least one reserved process either not running or has missed their last heartbeat. The process may have failed or has not been started.
This could be a critical error and Moogsoft AIOps may not be working properly

The larger icon on the left is the overall status indicator and its color indicates the health of the least healthy process.

In the example above, High Availability has one or more unreserved process not running, indicated by the grey icon. All other processes are running normally, indicated by the green icons. As not all unreserved processes are expected to be running, the large overall status indicator on the left is green.