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What are Portlets?

Portlets are the configurable components of the Dashboard, similar to widgets, which offer different overviews and statistics relating to the Alerts, Situations and other aspects of Moogsoft AIOps.


Please note : Administrators can add, remove and configure different Portlets depending on your requirements. See Dashboard Configuration

Portlet Actions

There are a number of common actions that can be performed on most Portlets relating to resizing and reordering. These include:

Icon Description

Click and hold to move a Portlet to a new location in the Dashboard

Click and drag the edge or column of any Portlet to increase or decrease the column or the Portlet width

Click and drag the edge of a Portlet to increase the height of a Portlet

Click to sort the Portlet rows in alphabetical ascending order

Click to sort the Portlet rows in alphabetical descending order

Click and then check or uncheck the columns you want to be shown or hidden

Portlet Types

There are a different types of Portlets that can be added to your Dashboards. These include: