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Link Definitions

Link Definitions is where you can make links available directly in Situation and Alert Views using Situation and Alert data and custom_info.

This is useful for linking directly to a corresponding ticket on a third-party system.

Create a new Link Definition

To create a new Link Definition, click the icon in the bottom left corner.

Fill in the three available fields to define the Link Definition:

Field Input Description
Name String (Mandatory) This is the text name that will appear in Situation/Alert column configuration.
Link String (Mandatory) This is the destination of the link including any query terms. There is no limit to the number of characters.
Display String (Optional) This is the text that will appear in Situation and Alert Views when the link definition is used.


Please note : The Link value can contain a $ reference to Alert or Situation fields. Display fields only allows $value substitution


The screenshot below illustrates a link definition to carry out a Google search on the $value query term. When used in a Situation or Alert column, it displays a link "Google <$value>".