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Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts you can use on the Alert View, Situation View and Situation Room screens in Moogsoft AIOps. The default hotkey shortcuts are as follows:

Key Action
A Assign
D Show Details
I Invite User
M Own
T Open Server Tools

You can add more custom hotkeys for additional actions to make navigation easier for you and your team.

Add a Hotkey

Click Create Hotkey in the top left corner of the window to add a new hotkey shortcut.

Under 'Key' select a number between 0-9 or a letter between A-Z then select an action for it to represent.

The new hotkey will be highlighted with orange markers. Click Save Changes to continue.

Deleting a Hotkey

Select any unwanted hotkey from the list, default hotkeys included, and click Remove Hotkey .

The selected hotkey will disappear from the list. Click Save Changes to continue or click Revert Changes to undo the action.