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What are Dashboards?


Moogsoft is deprecating support for the legacy built-in AIOps Dashboards . Use the AIOps Insights feature built on the Stats API . You can get started with the default Insights dashboard built for Grafana .

Dashboards are screens comprising of a series of Portlets which offer overviews and statistics for different aspects of Moogsoft AIOps.

This allows you to analyze statistics such as the average number of Alerts per Situation and offers visual diagrams displaying the distribution of open Alerts etc.

Click to open the different 'Dashboards' in the top left corner of the screen. By default these are the Management Dashboard and the Moogsoft AIOps Dashboard .

You can toggle the Dashboard between fullscreen and standard size using the icon in the top right corner of your screen.


Portlets are the configurable components of the Dashboard, similar to widgets, which offer different overviews and statistics relating to the Alerts, Situations and other aspects of Moogsoft AIOps.

These include: Bar Charts, Numbers, Tables, Self Monitoring etc. For more information see Portlets .

Moogsoft AIOps Dashboard

The Moogsoft AIOps Dashboard is displayed by default when you open Dashboards.

This Dashboard features the following Portlets: Situation Overview, Open Alerts per Situation, Events per Situation, All Alerts, Impacted Services, Top 10 Situation Operator Actions, Open Alert Distribution (All Alerts), Open Alert Distribution (Alerts not in Situations) and Open Alert Distribution (Noisy Causal Alerts). For more information see Portlets .

Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard offers a Manager's perspective and overview of useful Moogsoft AIOps statistics.

This Dashboard includes the following Portlets:

Portlet Description
Situation Overview This shows if the number of Situations is increasing or decreasing and if they are being assigned and resolved in a timely manner
Most active Situation hosts This monitors which hosts are experiencing the most operational issues
Top Situation operator actions This helps you to understand the amount of effort involved in maintaining Situations
Top moderators This determines which moderators have the highest workload