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Dashboard Configuration


Moogsoft is deprecating support for the legacy built-in AIOps Dashboards . Use the AIOps Insights feature built on the Stats API . You can get started with the default Insights dashboard built for Grafana .

Each Dashboard is customizable so different Portlets can be added and removed as required and the columns in each Dashboard can be resized.

Portlets can also configured to display different statistics and moved around on the Dashboard.

Actions that can be performed by Administrators are listed in the table below:

Icon Action

Edit Properties - This allows you to edit the properties of the Dashboard or Portlet

Close Panel - This closes the Portlet panel and removes it from the Dashboard

Add Portlet - This can be used to add a new Portlet to the Dashboard. See Adding Portlets

Adding Dashboards

To add a new Dashboard, click Add Dashboard in the top left corner of the screen.

On the 'General' tab you can configure the Dashboard with the following fields:

Field Input Description
Name String A name for the new Dashboard
Description String A text description of the new Dashboard
Background None
Uploaded image
Select whether to have no background or an uploaded image as the background
Uploaded image Fill Window
Fit to Window
Stretch to Fill Window
After uploading an image, select the position of the image in the background
Portlet Theme Minimal
Full (default)

Select a theme:

  • Full to show Portlet borders and title bars
  • Minimal to hide Portlet borders, title bars etc
Stretch Behavior Stretch to Window Height
Stretch to Longest Column
Select the stretch behavior of the Dashboard:
  • Stretch to Window Height means all available space will be filled with the Portlets
  • Stretch to Longest Column will have all Portlets expand to match the longest column in the Dashboard

On the 'Shared with' tab you can select who the new Dashboard is shared with. The options are either 'Everyone' or 'Specific Teams'.

Adding Portlets

Click the Add Portlet... icon to add a new Portlet to the Dashboard that is open. This opens the Add Portlet pop-up window:

Type the name of the Portlet you want to add in the search bar at the top or scroll down and select the required Portlet. Then click Add Portlet to continue.

Depending on the Portlet type, you may need to enter further details to configure the Portlet.

Portlet Configuration

Click the links below for more information on how to configure each Portlet: