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Cookbooks are collections of Recipes with further settings, such as priority ordering, event filtering and entropy threshold, etc.

To view which Cookbooks you have configured go to System Settings > Sigaliser > Cookbooks .

Default Cookbook

Moogsoft AIOps is pre-configured with the 'Default Cookbook' which is active when it is launched for the first time.

This contains the following Recipes:

  • Source - clusters Alerts from a similar source
  • Description - clusters Alerts with a similar description
  • Criticals - clusters Alerts with critical severity

To process the Default Cookbook output, the following Moolets are also active when AIOps starts:

  • AlertBuilder - creates Alerts from the Cookbook output
  • Journaler - listens for Events from Default Cookbook
  • SituationMgr - uses SituationMgrLabeller.js to process the Default Cookbook output
  • TeamsMgr - automatically created teams from the output if configured

If you want to use an alternative Cookbook and Recipes, see the sections under Cookbook Configuration.

Creating a New Cookbook

Click to create a new Cookbook.

Fill in the fields listed in the table below:

Field Input Description
Name String
The text name of the Cookbook (up to 100 characters)
Description String The description of the Cookbook
Process Output Of

AlertBuilder (default)
Other Moolet(s)

Select the Moolet you want to use. If you select 'Other Moolet(s)', type the Moolet names in the box, separated by commas
Cluster By First Matching Cluster (default)
Closing Matching Cluster
  • 'First matching cluster' adds an Alert to the first cluster that matches the criteria from the Recipes in the Cookbook
  • 'Closest matching cluster' adds an Alert to the cluster that most closely matches the criteria from the Recipes in the Cookbook
Entropy Threshold Decimal (between 0-1) Entropy is a value between 0 and 1. High values indicate higher rarity or lower occurrence rate, which are more likely to be the cause of Situations
Cook For Integer (up to 1000)

This is the number of hours, minutes and seconds the Cookbook will cluster Events and Alerts for before the Recipes forget and start analysing the Event stream from scratch.


If Recipes in the Cookbook have their own Cook For times set, they will override the time set here. For more information see Cookbook Moolet Cook For times

Scale By Severity Boolean If enabled this will factor in the Event severity value which changes the Entropy
First Recipe Match Only Boolean

If enabled this will set a priority order for the Recipes in the Cookbook


Go to the Selected Recipes list on the right of the window and drag and drop them to reorder the items

This also means a single Alert may only be include in one Situation produced by a particular Recipe

Selected Recipes Selection

The Recipes you want to be included in the Cookbook


Please note : This field is required

Click Save Changes to create the Cookbook.

Editing a Cookbook

1. Click the name of Cookbook you want to edit. If the list is long, type in the search box (at the top left) to narrow the list.

2. Edit the fields as described above.


Please note: You cannot edit the Cookbook Name. If you need to do this, create a duplicate with the name you want. You can then delete the original

3. Click Save Changes . If you want to discard all changes, click Revert Changes .


Please note : If you edit an active Cookbook , you are warned that the Cookbooks will be restarted. Click Yes to save the changes and restart the Cookbooks, or No to return to the Cookbook creator

Duplicating a Cookbook

If you want a new Cookbook with settings the same as an existing Cookbook:

1. Select the Cookbook you want to duplicate. If the list is long, type in the search box (at the top left) to narrow the list.

2. Click to create a new Cookbook with the same settings. This will be named "Copy of..." the original Cookbook.

3. Edit the Cookbook name and any other fields as required.

4. Click Save Changes .

Deleting a Cookbook

Follow the steps below if you want to delete a cookbook:

1. Select the Cookbook you want to delete. If the list is long, type in the search box (at the top left) to narrow the list.

2. Click and confirm when prompted. The Cookbook is removed from the list.


Please note : If the Cookbook is active, the button is unavailable and you will not be able to delete it