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Cookbook Selection


The Cookbook Selection is where you can select which available Cookbooks you want to use in Moogsoft AIOps.

You can also configure Situation merging and adjust when closed and superseded Situations are purged.


Please note : Changing settings here will affect the Cookbooks currently running in AIOps

Selecting Cookbooks

The Cookbooks tab will be displayed by default when Cookbook Selection is opened.

1. Click the Cookbook you want to activate from the Available Cookbooks list. To select multiple Cookbooks, hold SHIFT and click the required Cookbooks.

2. Press ' > ' to add the selected Cookbooks to Active Cookbooks. Press ' >> ' to activate all Cookbooks. Alternatively, use the ' < ' to remove a Cookbook or ' << ' to remove all Cookbooks from the Active list.


Please note : You can also drag and drop Cookbooks between the Available and Active lists

3. Click Save Changes . If you want to discard all changes, click Revert Changes .

Configuring Situation Merging

Follow the steps below to enable Situations created by Cookbooks to be eligible for merging.

1. Click the Merging tab.

2. Choose one of the two merging options using the radio buttons:

  • Resultant Situations from active Cookbooks will not be merged together (default) - Situations created by Cookbook will not be merged.

  • Resultant Situations from active Cookbooks are eligible to be merged together - Situations created by Cookbook will be merged.

3. If you select the lower option and want Situations to be merged, adjust the slider to set the similarity percentage value at which merging will occur.

4. Click Save Changes .

Configure Situation Purging

You can set a time to purge closed and superseded Situations using the Advanced tab.

When set correctly, purging closed and superseded Situations optimises the performance of Moogsoft AIOps.


Take care when setting this purge time:

    • If set too short, it is possible that resolved Situations that have been purged too early are recreated
    • If set too long, there may be performance issues, as the quantity of older (and therefore less relevant) closed and superseded Situations increases

If this is not set, closed and superseded Situations are not removed from moog_farmd memory

To set a purge time:

1. Click the Advanced tab, select the check box, and select a duration with the spin box (number) and drop-down list (seconds/minutes/hours).

2. Click Save Changes .