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The Calibration section contains information for setting up and calibrating your Sigalisers, the clustering algorithms in Moogsoft AIOps.

Select a clustering algorithm that meets your requirements:

  • Cookbook - Deterministic clustering algorithm that creates Situations defined by the relationship between alerts. Cookbook is highly customizable and can be configured to cluster by specific attribute such as source, language, proximity and time.

  • Speedbird - Linguistic clustering algorithm that analyzes the language similarity across multiple event attributes in order to identify relationships between alerts. Speedbird also factors time similarity into the calculation.

  • Tempus - Time-based clustering algorithm that clusters alerts with similar timestamps. Tempus uses community detection methods to identify which alerts with similar arrival patterns it clusters together. This is the second version of the Classic Sigaliser .

  • Vertex Entropy - Topological calculation that indicates the critical nodes within your network and their tendency to produce important events. Once the calculation is run against a topological map of the connected nodes in your network, it applies a Vertex Entropy value for each node or "vertex".