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Release Notes

Moogsoft AIOps V6.4.0 ESR

Moogsoft AIOps V6.4.0 is an Enterprise Stability Release that introduces the following key features:

Insights : The new Insights feature built on the Stats API gives operations managers an unprecedented view into AIOps Data. You can use the API to report on re-occurring situations and other key performance indicators. The AIOps App for Grafana provides a default dashboard to help you get started quickly.

Enhanced Data Retention : You can enable Database Splitting to improve scalability and performance. Database Splitting maintains closed Situation and alert data in a separate database, significantly improving response times for searches and filters in the AIOps UI. Database Splitting is a limited release feature. For more information read Performance and Scalability Benefits or contact .

Other new features include a new data ingestion wizard that simplifies data mapping and event deduplication, as well as a number of new ticketing integrations including: JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, Cherwell and Remedy 9.

Important : Situation and Alert Client Tools are now automatically URL-encoded so in upgrade scenarios where existing tools were created with URL-encoding, these need to be updated to remove the encoding. See the 'Integrations' section in the relevant Upgrade document for details.


Updated version: v6.4.0.9

The latest version of Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0 is v6.4.0.9. This release contains the following fixes:

  • MOOG-12136: Closes server-side prepared statements to prevent the prepared statements cache from being filled.
  • MOOG-12093: The Database Splitter now splits snapshot, event, alert and Situation data in batches. This is to avoid reaching Percona transaction limits. You can configure the batch size for Situations and alerts in the moog_db_split_enabler utility.

Refer to Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0 Updates for details.

Install & Upgrade

To do a fresh install, see Pre-install RHEL 6 or Pre-install RHEL 7/CentOS 7 . Then follow the instructions for Single Host Installation .


AIOps V6.4.0 requires an additional installation step that is new in this release. After you install the AIOPs V6.4.0 packages, you must manually download and deploy the mysql-connector for Java (a JAR file) deploy. The install document and upgrade documents include this step.

Supported upgrade paths for this version include:

Users on the Edge upgrade path can upgrade to this release and treat it as a stepping stone to future Edge releases (e.g. 6.3.1, 6.3.2, ...).

This release uses the moog_db_auto_upgrader to upgrade the database and run any 'data migration utilities'.

The following components have been upgraded in this release to the versions listed:

  • Apache Tomcat: 8.0.48
  • RabbitMQ: 3.7.0

Release Highlights

Key Release Note

New Insights feature in AIOps

Moogsoft AIOps has a new dashboards and reporting integration with Grafana, offering deeper insights into statistics about Situations, teams, and services.

See the Grafana Integration Setup document to find out how to set it up.

New Graze API endpoints have added to support this feature:

  • getTeamSituationStats
  • getSystemSituationStats
  • getMTTRStats
  • getMTTDStats
  • getMTTAStats
  • getReoccurringSituationStats
  • getReassignedSituationStats
  • getServiceSituationStats
  • getStatusSituationStats
  • getTopTeamSituationStats
  • getTopServiceSituationStats
  • getSeveritySituationStats
  • getStats

See the Stats API for more information.


Enhanced Data Retention

A new database splitting feature has been introduced that enables you to migrate closed AIOps data into a separate database. This provides a number of performance and scalability improvements including faster UI and filter loading times.

This is a limited release feature. See Database Split or contact for more information.


Structured Data Ingestion Feature

The new data ingestion wizard allows you to map data fields from ingested data and configure how integrations' events are deduplicated.

This feature enables AIOps to better identify and organize alerts from integrations. Improved deduplication using the signature editor also helps to reduce noise.

The data ingestion wizard includes:

  • Payload View - shows how a single ingested event from the integration appears.
  • Field Editor - where fields can be mapped to AIOps event and alert fields.
  • Alert Preview - displays how an alert from the integration appears in AIOps.
  • Deduplication - tab where you can set the signature for deduplicated events.

See Data Ingestion for more information.


Improved Situation Similarity Algorithm

The method of preparing the Situation similarity statistic in Situation Rooms has been fundamentally changed. The new algorithm brings huge improvements to speed of its calculation which makes it possible to provide the statistics for all Situations in real time. The lists of similar Situations in Situation Rooms should now always be up to date.


On Tomcat restart a recalculation of all similar situations in the system is triggered as a background task. Depending on the number of situations and alerts in the system, Administrators may notice a period of increased Tomcat CPU utilisation whilst this occurs.


Updated Auto Close feature

Instead of having a single, restricted rule set for closing out Situations and alerts, you can have as many as auto close rules as you like, each with different relative time intervals, and complete filters backing them. There is also a new Global Exclude filter that allows you to prevent any alerts that match a filter from being auto closed.

New Features

Key Release Note

A ticketing Integration for JIRA has been added:

Unidirectional Support:

  • Ticket creation from Moogsoft AIOps to JIRA
  • Situation Comments to the corresponding JIRA
  • JIRA comments back to corresponding AIOps Situation Room
  • Resolving Situations in AIOps resolves the corresponding JIRA Incident as Complete/Closed
  • Resolving JIRA tickets resolves the corresponding AIOps Situation

See Jira Software Integration for more information.


A ticketing Integration for JIRA Service Desk has been added:

Bidirectional Support:

  • Ticket creation from Moogsoft AIOps to JIRA Service Desk
  • Situation Comments to the corresponding JIRA Service Desk Incident
  • JIRA Service Desk comments back to corresponding AIOps Situation Room
  • Resolving Situations in AIOps resolves the corresponding JIRA Service Desk Incident as Complete/Closed
  • Resolving JIRA Service Desk tickets resolves the corresponding AIOps Situation

See JIRA Service Desk Integration for more information.


A ticketing Integration for Remedy v9 has been added.

Unidirectional Support:

  • Ticket creation from Moogsoft AIOps to Remedy
  • Situation Comments to Remedy Incidents
  • Resolving Situations in AIOps resolves the corresponding Remedy Incident

Bidirectional Support:

  • Work Info notes added in Remedy Incident are added to corresponding AIOps Situation as comments
  • Closing a Remedy Incident will close the corresponding AIOps Situation

See Remedy Integration for more information.


A unidirectional ticketing integration for Cherwell has been added.
The integration supports ticket creation from Moogsoft AIOps to Cherwell.
See Cherwell IT Service Management Integration for more information.


Situations can now be opened in a new browser tab using the new Open in New Tab... option on the context menu. A maximum of 10 Situations can be opened. You may need to disable your browsers pop-up blocker to open more than one Situation.

In addition the Situation Alerts "Popout" option has been renamed "Open in New Tab" for consistency.

A hotkey can be assigned to "Open in New Tab".


Moobots and Lambots can now use the new "Config" module to retrieve configuration options set in JSON compatible configuration files located in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config. This will perform a direct read from the File System and delivers the JSON Object to the Bot if the file is JSON compatible, null otherwise. Example:

var config = MooBot.loadModule('Config');
var servletsConf = config.getConfig('servlets.conf');
if (servletsConf) {
    moogURL = servletsConf.webhost;

This module is available for all Bots.


A new integration for New Relic has been added.
This integration polls Incidents, Violations and Events from New Relic.


A RabbitMQ LAM has been added, this LAM allows you to consume JSON messages from direct and topic based queues.

See RabbitMQ for more information.


New Reporting & Dashboards integrations are available from the Integrations tab, including a new Grafana integration.

For more information see Grafana Dashboards .


Key Release Note

Integrations Header on the details page will no longer remain visible when scrolling the page down.


Improvements made to the search feature so it returns better results for substring searches.


Improved the optimisation of the Situation similarity statistic. This accelerates the speed in which the calculation is done, even for large databases.


Three new Graze endpoints and equivalent MoogDBv2 methods have been created to retrieve all or a limited set of users, services and processes.

  • getUsers (with optional "limit" parameter) - returns json formatted list of users
  • getServices (with optional "limit" parameter) - returns json formatted list of services
  • getProcesses (with optional "limit" parameter) - returns json formatted list of processes

The limitation of 255 characters for a Link Definition URL has been removed, to support longer URLs.


The 'Reset All Feedback' button has been removed from the PRC section in System Settings. This was mistakenly brought over from the prototype and was not intended for use in production.


RabbitMQ has been upgraded to 3.7.0.

  • For an upgrade of Moogsoft AIOps the rabbitmq-server service must be restarted and there are special considerations if a rabbitmq cluster is being used - see Upgrade Documentation

Apache Tomcat has been upgraded to version 8.0.48.


The updateTeam Graze endpoint no longer has a team_data parameter because it was redundant.


The Vue.js framework used by Moogsoft AIOps has been upgraded to the latest versions.


Users can now select the order in which search results are returned, choosing whether to return the newest or oldest matching results first. This is available via the "Order By" option in the Search results. Consistent with other Search options, the selection is saved and will be applied to all Searches until changed.

If upgrading from a previous version of AIOps, you will need to delete the current Elasticsearch index and run a new full index. Instructions to do this are included in the relevant upgrade document.


The Integration categories have been reordered and explanatory text has been added.


The ServiceNow integration now prefixes the username in the ServiceNow’s work note payload, when a user creates a thread entry in the corresponding AIOps Situation.


To simplify data capturing toggling in LAM configuration files, the commented log line has been prefixed with a comma.


New logic has been implemented in the JIRA integration for identifying existing status of an issue and moving it to next logical status.


The new default configuration for the REST LAM is "accept_all_json:true", meaning any valid JSON object received will be treated as a single Event, whereas any valid list of objects will be treated as a list of Events.
New Webhook integrations will follow this configuration too.


VMWare vSphere Integration's severity mapping has been improved by taking into account color values in the description if provided.


ServiceNow integration will now automatically configure the Mid Server when installed or reconfigured.
Note: Mid Server's name will be changed to "MOOG_MID" by this new functionality.


Nagios Integration has been improved to provide event sending scripts with BASIC_AUTH set to true by default.


The v4 SCOM Connector is now signed with a valid Moogsoft, Inc certificate.


AWS LAM supports region based filters to fetch alarms from CloudWatch.


OEM 13c integration qualified and supported.


Zabbix Integration now supports configuration of a fully qualified URL of the Zabbix API.


The REST LAM & Webhook integration now support PUT requests, they are handled in the same fashion as POST requests.


AppDynamics & Solarwinds LAMs no longer use specific Event Streams, instead they send events on the default stream, the default moog_farmd.conf no longer has the AppDynamics & Solarwinds AlertBuilder examples.


The moog_db_auto_upgrader now requires a MySQL username and password to be supplied on the command line using the -u and -p flags respectively.


The moog_db_schema_checker utility script has been removed because it is no longer needed. The mysql_install_validator utility script has been renamed to


Three new Graze endpoints and equivalent MoogDBv2 methods have been created to retrieve team information. These new endpoints make it easier to update and sync with external management systems. The new endpoints are:

  • getTeam(team_id) - retrieves a team's details by ID.
  • getTeam(name) - retrieves a team's details by name.
  • getTeams - retrieves all teams.
  • getTeamsForService(service_id) - retrieves teams which manage a service (by service ID).
  • getTeamsForService(name) - retrieves teams which manage a service (by service name).

Team information returned for each endpoint includes: teamId, roomId, users (names), services(names), userIds, serviceIds, description, active, landing page, sig filter, alert filter.

The updateTeam end point can now take in a single 'team_data' parameter in the form of a JSON string. This is so the JSON returned from getTeam can be passed into updateTeam with little manipulation.


The out-of-the-box my.cnf has been improved to provide some guidance about innodb-buffer-pool performance tuning:

# Important: innodb-buffer-pool performance tuning
# On servers with >= 16GB RAM that run MySQL and Moog applications, consider setting
# innodb-buffer-pool-size to 50% of system RAM. 
# On servers where only MySQL is running, consider setting innodb-buffer-pool-size 
# to 80% of system RAM.
# If innodb-buffer-pool-size > 8G then increase innodb_buffer_pool_instances from its
# default of 8 to divide buffer pool into 1G chunks 
# e.g: innodb-buffer-pool-size=64G innodb_buffer_pool_instances=64
innodb-buffer-pool-size        = 2G
#innodb_buffer_pool_instances   = 8

Added a read-only field for Grafana integration displaying URL of AIOps instance.


The getStats API has been updated and contains the aggregation parameter description.


The improved 'Situation Similarity' calculation has been updated to support real-time, live updates.


Added new getSigCorrelationInfo() and removeSigCorrelationInfo() endpoints to Graze and Moogdb (moogdb.getSigCorrelationInfo(situation_id) etc)

The removeSigCorrelationInfo() endpoint has two variants:

  • removeSigCorrelationInfo(situation_id);
    • This will remove all entries
  • removeSigCorrelationInfo(situation_id, service_name, external_id);
    • This will remove a specific entry

The MySQL connector jar version has been updated to v5.1.45.


Updated the layout of the header for Integrations Details page.


A new endpoint has been added to allow an AIOPs licence to be uploaded via Graze.

To do this run the following command:

curl -X POST -u graze:graze -k -v "https://localhost/graze/v1/applyNewLicence" -H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8" -d '{"licence" : "licence-code-here"}'

Users can choose to include or exclude closed data from their search depending on what they are trying to achieve.


An issue which allowed a user to re-open an archived Situation has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

Key Release Note

Alert and Situation Client tools which used the 'Merge Custom Info' feature are not longer runnable against Closed Alerts/Situations.


Legacy landing page settings are now removed on upgrade.


Apache shiro-core has been upgraded to version 1.2.6 to fix a known vulnerability (CVE-2016-4437).


The 'Open in New Tab' option is now disabled if a Situation is not selected in a Situation view.


Fixed scrolling issue for long drop-downs inside dialog windows.


Fixed issues with focus for roles management and list builders.


Fixed styling issue for a dropdown in Situation Invite dialog.


Fixed the issue where the pencil icon next to the link definition selection in Situation/Alert Columns was linking to the wrong view.


Graze createTeam endpoint now inserts empty string into alert_filter and sig_filter columns if they are not supplied in request. This was changed to be consistent with UI and to prevent JSON exception appearing in moogfarmd.log when endpoint called.

Upgrade change replaces NULL in the sig_filter and alert_filter columns with empty string.


A bug affecting the Summary View in IE11 has been fixed.


Grafana endpoints will now inclusively return values specified in the "from" and "to" fields.


team_insights are now populated for teams which have no situations or alerts.


Coming soon integrations can no longer be installed in error.


An issue affecting the the 'Collaboration' feature in the Mobile UI has been fixed.


service_insights is now populated for services with no Situations or alerts.


Entropy is now included in the response for the getAlertDetails Graze endpoint.


An issue which meant that HTML tags were removed from thread entries has been fixed. The tag will now display as plain text, as typed.


An issue with the updateTeam graze endpoint which prevented changes to users and services being made has been fixed.


Fixed an issue where the user list in team room would sometimes show incorrect information.


The getTeamsByServiceId and getTeamsByServiceName moogdb methods have been renamed getTeamsForService to match the existing Graze endpoint.


An issue that meant the Graze and moogdb endpoint 'getUsers' returned duplicate users in the response has been fixed.


The "bulk_fetch_thread_entries" stored procedure has been modified to be more performant.


The moog_archiver now successfully exports and removes alerts/situations when a named alert/situation filter is provided as a parameter.


An issue with the getSituationIds Graze and moogdb endpoint that could impact stability over a period of time has been fixed.


Fixed an issue where Maintenance Window filter wouldn't allow text value for Source ID field.


Some minor changes have been made to the text in the System Administration UI.


To improve security for apache-tomcat, the 'examples' folder is no longer shipped with the webapps.


An issue which resulted in the UI sending duplicate getTeamOverviewStats requests has been fixed.


A small change has been made to the Dashboards UI text for US spelling.


The "Move to Situation" menu item was not appearing. It now appears correctly for Alerts in the Situation Room.


Some invalid operations could be performed on closed Situations. This has now been fixed.


The updateTeam endpoint for Graze and moogdb now accepts the "team_data" parameter without error.


The getUsers, getServices and getProcesses MoogDb.V2 methods now have default limit (of 1000) set if no limit is supplied.


The moog_archiver utility, when removing data, now also removes alerts and Situations from ElasticSearch.


The UIM integration will now provide custom_info and log received data, if configured.


The Datadog integration has been improved with a new custom_payload configuration and corresponding mappings.


V4 SCOM Connector changes:

  • Improved UI for specifying Moog Server connections either via URL or IP/Port.
  • Allow's the user to specify an SSL Certificate per Moog Server
  • The ability to bypass SSL Certificate Authentication in HTTPS mode.

An inconsistency in the ServiceNow Moobot has been fixed, which prevented the ServiceNow Integration from working as intended.


Splunk Add-on now supports HTTPS without providing an SSL certificate.


A memory leak in the rest_client_lam and solarwinds_lam has been fixed.
An issue which did not correctly identify overlapping events between two sequential poll cycles has also been fixed.


The trapd_lam.conf's mib_db_file value no longer accepts a literal '$MOOGSOFT_HOME' instead any relative path supplied will be prepended with $MOOGSOFT_HOME.
i.e. "etc/precompiledMibs.json" is interpreted as "$MOOGSOFT_HOME/etc/precompiledMibs.json"


The Webhook integration now has a severity converter, the default mappings are 0->5 and CLEAR->CRITICAL, with a default fallback to "Indeterminate" if the incoming value is not in the provided lookups.


For the setSituationProcesses and setSituationServices endpoints, if processes or services are supplied and they do not exist in the database, they are created and assigned to the respective situation. This change applies to both MoogDB.v2 and Graze.


AIOps V6.4.0 now uses Tomcat 8.0.48 whereas V6.3.0 used Tomcat 8.0.36.
As a result of changes in Tomcat V8.0.42, users who monitor their environment may notice Tomcat starting with more threads than previously. This is to be expected and relates to changes in Tomcat to ensure that "executor thread pools used with connectors pre-start the configured minimum number of idle threads".


The search now supports 'special characters' (as long as they are not white spaces) as well as alphanumeric characters.

Please note that it is still not possible to include the following characters in search queries:

  • <
  • >
  • : The colon character is interpreted differently so queries involving a colon may not return the expected results.

A bug that modified REST request proxy password if the first authentication failed was fixed.


A bug where removing alerts from more than one situation in the UI caused the UI to show the wrong situation list for those alerts was fixed.


An issue which meant that the severity icons in the UI filter panel would not always maintain their original vertical orientation has been fixed.


Fixed an issue where attempting to download an attachment in Collaboration section would reload the page when using Firefox.


The integration_installer no longer supports the '-o' flag which overwrote and removed installed integrations.


Resolved a few minor resource leaks.


The syslog integration has been removed from the UI, any instances created from the UI have also been removed. The syslog_lam still remains and can continue to be used via services.


Cookbook triggers no longer support strings as arguments for user fields such as owner/moderator. This is to fix an issue where AIOps usernames in the database could prevent alerts matching the trigger. Note that this only applies to Cookbooks configured by file.
A fix in an upcoming release will reintroduce this feature.


An issue where the situation details dialog wouldn't always open as expected has been fixed.


An issue of graze users being displayed and selectable when inviting / assigning users to situation has been fixed.


An issue where a passive moog_farmd that becomes active could run with outdated (UI based) cookbook settings has been resolved. moog_farmd now reloads its database configuration when switching from a passive state to an active state.


An issue where refreshing the page on a Situation Room would not always load the correct tab has been fixed.


An issue where the user panel in the Team Room wouldn't always update to include users that have just logged in has been fixed.


An issue that prevented changing the default size of columns in System Settings has been fixed.


Previously, searches (e.g. "nio") using elasticsearch failed due to a maxClauseCount error. The way in which elasticsearch queries are constructed has been changed and this error is no longer present.


An issue which meant that certain mapping rules for SAML were not read correctly has been fixed. Mapping rules for SAML now also support special characters encapsulated in ${<characters>}


Upgrading customers may have seen all Enablement and third-party content disabled. This has now been fixed.


An issue which meant that it was not possible to sort Situation and Alert View columns containing custom_info fields has been fixed.


The UI now processes updates more efficiently.


Warning message for "to" input value being on the future has been removed and will not show in catalina.out anymore.


The Situation List Tools menu now always pauses the Situation List.


URL tools will now have their content URL encoded - this means that URL tools should work more predictably.


SMS Notifications now take into consideration the user preferences for Notifications in the UI


The moogdb updateTeam function will no longer print out an exception stack trace when provided with an invalid team_id. A single WARN message will be produced and the function will return 'false'.


The Alert De-Acknowledge menu item is now correctly only shown for Acknowledged Alerts.


Instead of printing the stack trace and throwing an exception, updating team now logs a warning.


Fixed permission checks for actions in Situation Room - progress widget and next steps.


Fixed an issue when user could access some areas without permissions by typing in the URL.


Fixed an issue when creating a new Link Definition after displaying an already existing one was hindered by name field being inactive.


Added permission check for displaying Assign button on user popovers in Situation Room.


Fixed an issue that caused the timeline overview to sometimes display erratically.


Closed alerts can no longer be modified using Graze or moogdb calls.


An issue where certain actions on Situation Columns settings could lock up the entire Settings page for the system has been fixed.


Fixed an issue when borders were not visible around dropdowns in forms.


The default read timeout value for LDAP has been increased from 3 seconds to 30 seconds.


Fixed an issue where services statistics were displayed multiple times for services assigned to multiple teams that were not impacted by any Situations.


Fixed an issue when situation filters for 'Services Impacted' column worked on first 1k services only.


Fixed a bug rendering situation similarity unavailable when SAML was being used.


Fixed an issue where searched text was overlapping over search icon on some forms in system settings.


Resolved memory leak in apache-tomcat resulting in sessions being held despite expiring


Fixed an issue for the filter builder where the field name for a custom_info entry was not saved when the 'in' operator was used.


Fixed an issue where the thread entires provided via ChatOps and external integrations were displaying HTML tags incorrectly.


Fixed an issue where a user could not assign themselves when creating a manual Situation.


Navigating filters and performing actions in alert and situation views now refreshes the session.


Fixed an issue with the list builder where searching and removing all from Selected list caused some items to disappear.


Fixed an issue where the username and password fields on login page would behave inconsistently.


Changed actions available in a Situation details view on mobile for a non-super user to reflect the ones available on desktop.

Known Issues

Key Release Note
INT-4029 The ServiceNow integration link moog_link_to_situation contains an incorrect URL. See ServiceNow Integration Workaround .

Deprecation Notices

Release Date


For information on previous Enterprise Stability Releases or on Edge Releases, see AIOps Releases .