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Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0 Updates

Moogsoft has issued the following updates to Moogsoft AIOps 6.4.0. All updates are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0.9

  • MOOG-12136: Closes server-side prepared statements to prevent the prepared statements cache from being filled.
  • MOOG-12093: The Database Splitter now splits data in batches of the following sizes:
    Snapsnots: 10,000
    Events: 10,000
    Situations: 500
    Alerts: 2,000
    This is to avoid reaching Percona transaction limits. You can configure the batch size for Situations and alerts in the moog_db_split_enabler utility.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0.8

  • MOOG-11374 : The Collaborate tab in the Situation Room no longer renders the browser temporarily unresponsive in some circumstances.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0.7

  • MOOG- 11129 : An invalid alert filter, for example one containing a'\' character, no longer returns all alerts causing the maintenance window manager to put them all into maintenance mode.
  • MOOG- 11114 : Processing closed alerts in expired maintenance windows no longer blocks the removal of subsequent alerts from the same window.
  • MOOG-11022: Fixes an issue where Moogfarmd process could be slow to start up in systems with a large number of alerts and maintenance mode.

  • MOOG-10975: Archived alerts are now removed from maintenance status.
  • MOOG-10911: When there are overlapping windows, alerts remain in maintenance mode.
  • MOOG-10828 : Alerts in maintenance mode are now correctly reset after a restart.
  • MOOG-10789 : Update captured alerts config is now honored after a Moogfarmd restart.
  • MOOG-10502 : Certain alerts are now correctly removed from maintenance windows after the windows have expired.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0.6

  • MOOG-10192 : Fixes an issue with Moogfarmd failover with a partitioned RabbitMQ cluster.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0.5

  • MOOG-9690: Link definitions now work correctly for each item in an array.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0.4

  • MOOG-9510: Alert and Situation custom info fields with link definition now refer to the correct values.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0.3

  • OEM-specific release only. No bug fixes included and not available to Moogsoft customers.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0.2

  • MOOG-8924: An exception which occurred when alerts were moved between Situations has been fixed.
  • MOOG-8916: The MySQL upgrade script is now resilient to orphaned database entries.
  • MOOG-8880: Alert timelines for 'Split' alerts now load correctly.
  • MOOG-8875: Additional deadlock protection has been added to Moogfarmd when the farmd_cntl utility is used.
  • MOOG-8859: Classpath has been fixed for the moog_indexer utility.
  • MOOG-9133: When a custom Cookbook retention period is removed it now saves correctly.
  • MOOG-9135: Alert details now display custom field values.
  • MOOG-9134: Situation team assignment operations now use the MySQL retry mechanism defined in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/system.conf
  • MOOG-9085: Elasticsearch is now case-insensitive by default.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0.1

  • MOOG-8196: Fixes an issue where the database upgrade script would fail due to foreign key constraints.
  • MOOG-8875: Fixes an issue where which caused Moogfarmd to occasionally freeze from farmd_cntl usage.
  • MOOG-8859: Using encrypted passwords no longer causes the moog_indexer to fail.
  • MOOG-8924: Fixes a NullPointerException with Situation similarity.
  • MOOG-8880: You can now view an alert time line when Database Split is enabled.
  • MOOG-3932: Fixes the ServiceNow situation client tool's URL so that it complies with current encoding behavior.

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