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ServiceNow Communication Error

MOOG-8099: In new installations of Moogsoft AIOps 6.3.0, outbound communication from Moogsoft AIOps to ServiceNow works unexpectedly.


This issue affects new installations of AIOps 6.3.0 using the ServiceNow Integration.

AIOps encounters an error when it attempts to send a comment or worknote to ServiceNow.  The errors are logged to /var/log/moogsoft/moogfarmd.log . For example:

WARN : [0:Servi][20171213 11:50:40.673 +0000] []:378 +|bot [ServiceNowIntegrator (ServiceNow1)] failed to execute function [newThreadEntry]: [Cannot convert NaN to java.lang.Integer (ServiceNow-2.0-Geneva.js#332)] org.mozilla.javascript.EvaluatorException: Cannot convert NaN to java.lang.Integer (ServiceNow-2.0-Geneva.js#332)


Change the integrationType variable in the ServiceNow moobot as follows:
  1. Edit the ServiceNow moobot: $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bots/moobots/ServiceNow-2.0-Geneva.js .
  2. Update the integrationType variable to "ServiceNow-Geneva" :

    var integrationType = "ServiceNow-Geneva";
  3. Restart moogfarmd:

    service moogfarmd restart