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Datadog Solution Pak

A listener that will ingest Datadog notifications.

Configure a webhook in Datadog that will forward to your Moogsoft AIOps instance.

Configuring Datadog

  1. Create the webhook by selecting webhooks from the integrations list:
  2. Add the name and URL for this Moogsoft AIOps instance.

  3. Generate the basic auth string, take the username and password provided above and use a base64 encode, 'username:password'.

  4. Add this JSON to the Custom Payload section and check the use custom payload box:

    "source": "$HOSTNAME",
    "external_id": "$ID",
    "severity": "$ALERT_STATUS",
    "type": "$EVENT_TYPE",
    "class": "$EVENT_TITLE",
    "description": "$TEXT_ONLY_MSG",
    "agent_time": "$LAST_UPDATED"
  5. Add the headers field where xxx is the value created in step 3:

    "Content-Type": "application/jason",
    "Authorization": "Basic xxx"
  6. Install the integration.

  7. Connect the webhook to any monitors required as a notification @webhook-Moogsoft.

Moogsoft AIOps Sample

The default Datadog cookbook will show all alerts that impact the same or similar hosts.