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Release Notes

  • Moogsoft AIOps V6 has two release streams:

    Moogsoft AIOps Edge Moogsoft AIOps ESR

    Edge releases typically consist of:

    • New features that are planned for an upcoming ESR release
    • Experimental features
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Testing on Edge releases is limited by the nature of the frequency of releases.


    Must not be used for production environments

    The Enterprise Stability Release is subject to extended internal testing in enterprise-like environments and conditions. It is intended for enterprise customers who value product stability and reliability over leading edge features.

    An ESR release contains all the intermediate Edge releases since the last ESR. This is a release that has been tested for an extended period of time and includes all the features/bugfixes brought incrementally via Edge releases. In our example 6.1.0 (ESR) equals 6.0.3 (Edge) in terms of content.

    • 6.0.1

    • 6.0.2

    • 6.0.3

    • etc
    • 6.0.0 (ESR4)
    • 6.1.0 (ESR5)
    • 6.2.0
    • etc
    Release Notes Release Notes

    Edge Release

    ESR Release

    Current release information Current release information
    Moogsoft AIOps 6.0.1 Edge (19th May 2017) Moogsoft AIOps 6.1.0 ESR5 (31st May 2017)

    Older release notes

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